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Ill Put This Feature Up Soon
Gohan's Dragonballz Site
Coming soon Welcome to Blackstar Goten, Updates and catching up and everything seems to be going very well.
Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks and I will have alot more done but for now enjoy what I have!!!

Subject: Affiliates
Date: 25 June 2006
Posted By: Son Goten
I currently have 1 affiliate his website is ok check it out, if you would like to apply I am now taking applications for affiliates.

Subject: Staff jobs
Date: 25 June 2006
Posted By: Son Goten
I still have available staff positions and I need those positions filled so I am now taking applications check out the staff page for info on people needed and people currently in staff.

Subject: Updates
Date: 25 June 2006
Posted By: Son Goten
I added a new Pocket PC Themes page where you can download many different types of pocket pc themes that I have made. I also added alot more AIM Icons, Puzzles, Wallpapers, Images, and Movie Clips for you to enjoy.

I am currently working on getting alot more Media things such as Images, Animated Gif's, Movie Clips, etc added. I am also working on the soon to come Powerlevels and Character Biographies page. Finally I am thinking about making a page with playable games on it.