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Date: July 15, 2002
Please come again !!!

Welcome to the world of the Bi Curious. So what’s it about? After all, isn't the term 'Bi-sexuality' just some kind of lame excuse that being in the closet people use to excuse their ' weakness' ? You know the stuff "Don't try to kid me pal. You're not bi, you're a flaming lesbian!" Well actually, no. Bisexuality is the capacity for physical, romantic and/or emotional attraction to more than one gender. Bisexuality is a distinct identity that is both a part of, and apart from, heterosexual society and the lesbian and gay community. At its deepest level it is who we are, not a choice we make or a pose we adopt. This site will cater to the female aspect. No men please, there are other sites for you. This one is for the Femme !!

So with that in mind I've put together a new kind of website catering to those women who know they are bi and also those who just are a little curious about it. I will be including images of all kinds of sexuality in an easy to use format that guarantees something fresh each day, stories written from the Bi perspective, some frequently asked questions and as many useful Bi links as I can manage to help you understand yourself. Also to help you help others understand you.

This is a place where you can explore yourself and think about who you really are. I hope you will enjoy Bi Curious and let me know how I can develop and change it so that its even better for you.

One person has already expressed a change, one that I have begun with the new link below "Personal Pages". This is a place where those of you seeking an alternative lifestyle can post your pages. Email me with your link, I'll take a look and post it as long as it is tasteful and non-commercial.

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