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Altar - A small shrine sometimes kept in a Pagan house. Similar to those kept by members of other religions i.e. Buddists. Quarters are sometimes called Altars i.e. Earth Altar, (the Altar in the Earth Quarter of a Circle.).

ATHAME: (pronounced: a-THA-may) The ritual blade used by most Wiccans and many others. It acts as an extension of ones will, focusing energy to direct power during magickal workings. It is never used for cutting.

AURA: The field of Spiritual energy around the body. The size, shape, and colours of the aura can tell many things about the persons physical and spiritual condition.

BB - Short for Blessed Be or Bright Blessings

Banishing - The act of forcefully driving away a presence.

Black/White Magic - Magic is a force like electricity. How it is used decides as to whether it is good or bad i.e. electric chair or operating theatre lights.

BOOK OF SHADOWS: A book in which spells, magickal workings, rituals, and personal notes are kept. Traditionally, every student copies their teacher's Book of Shadows in their "own hand of write" (own handwriting). The computer revolution has superseded this a bit nowadays. Gerald Gardner, the father of modern Wicca, published his Book of Shadows in the 1930's. It is his book that some people refer to as "The Book of Shadows".

Broomstick - Should be called a Besom, used in a basic form of crop Magic where the Witch would run along the furrows leaping into the air trying to make the corn grow tall. Probably the most basic form of "sympathetic magic".

CANDLE MAGIC -Candle magic is the art of using a candle to focus your energy and intent to bring about a desired result. Usually the candle is lit and focused on for a period of meditation. The candle may then be allowed to burn on, until it is consumed. As the candle burns the desired event is brought into manifestation. Or the candle may be extinguished, and the ritual repeated at intervals, as every day for a set number of days. In addition there are many other ways to use candles in the practice of magic. Always remember that magic is a tool of self improvement and transformation, and should be used with care and for the good of all.

Casting - The act of marking the boundary of your Circle or enacting a Spell.

CHAKRAS: are the energy centers of the body, where body and Spirit most strongly connect. There are thousands of Chakras in every part of the body, which are connected to each other by meridians, or energy pathways. This is the basis of such systems of medicine such as acupuncture and shiatsu. These methods treat physical illness by applying stimulation to the Chakra points. In general practice however, most people work only with the seven major Chakras which correspond to the seven spheres of existence and the seven bodies. These chakrs are the Root Chakra, at the prostate in males and the paraurethral gland in females, The 2nd Chakra, at the testicles in males and the ovaries in females, the Solar Plexus Chakra, roughly at the navel, the Heart Chakra, at the heart, the Throat Chakra, at the throat, the Third Eye Chakra at level of he pineal gland and the Crown Chakra, at or above the top of the head.

Chalice - A cup or goblet used for the Loving Cup of a Coven. Used to symbolise the feminine aspect in some Paths.

Circle - Protected Sacred Space for Working from or within.

Coven - A group of people who Work together on a regular basis.

Craft - Short for Witchcraft. Can also mean skill or ability.

Devil - A purely christian based concept. Not required or worshipped by any Pagan Path.
Divination - Trying to tell the future, palmistry, Tarot, Runes and reading tea leaves are all forms of divination.

DOGMA: A rigid set of beliefs established by the priesthood of some religions. Followers of such religions are required to accept these beliefs without question. In Wicca we have no dogma. All our beliefs are open to debate and each Wiccan is free to believe whatever feels right for them within a very broad framework. For instance, most Witches believe in reincarnation. However many do not and they are just as much Wiccan as the rest of us.

Druids - A British bardic\nature religion. (See link to fathers Oak's druidism page on main page)

ELEMENTS: Earth, Air, Fire and Water from which everything in the Universe is made. These are the metaphysical or magical elements. They should not be confused with the chemical elements of modern science. The elements have specific correlations within a Circle.

HANDFASTING: A pagan wedding, either legal or non-legal. Handfasting was a common term for marriage until the 1400s. There are two types of Handfasting vow: "For as long as love lasts" and "Until separated by death". The couple are free to choose which one they want. Handfasting is often used as a form of temporary marriage - if two wanted to join, often a Handfasting would occur, and after a term of a year and a day (traditionally) the couple could either renew vows and become legally wed or could break things off with no hard feelings on either side. During a Handfasting, the couple is presented and their left hands are bound by a special cord. Such modern terms such as tying the knot come from this practice.

Hereditary - A pagan Path or belief system that has been passed down from one relation to another.

Hereditary Witch - A person who claims to have learnt their Path from an ancestor.

INITIATION: The process or ritual of joining a group or Coven. The form varies from simple welcoming to elaborate ritual and preparation. The initiation should not, however, involve pain, coercion, or acts not agreed upon in advance.

KARMA: Most Pagans believe in Karma, a checks and balances system of your actions. What comes around, goes around. Karma involves being totally responsible for ones self and ones actions.

Kitchen Magic - A Path which uses every day objects in the place of Magical Tools

Laws - Laws are for people without Morals.

Magic - A force that creates change through no scientific explanation

Meditation - The act of attaining a clear state of mind

Pathworking - A led Meditation trying to help you to receive information from your subconscious.

Ritual - A piece of Work usually pre-arranged, can coincide with Solar, Cross-Quarter or Lunar Festivals(In my mind this depends on your own path and views, In my mind what people do in church is a ritual weather they will admit it or not.)

Rune - Small tablets of wood or stone bearing carvings for use in Divination.

Satan - A purely christian based concept. Not required or worshipped by any Pagan Path

Scrying - Attempting to see things at a distance, or into the past, or more usually the future

Spell - A single focused piece of Magic, also see Work.

Spirit Guide - A non-corporeal entity that has chosen to help you on your Path. Not all Paths have or need Spirit Guides

Talisman - A protective object or amulet.

Tarot - A form of Divination using cards.

Three Fold Return - You are responsible for what you do. If you do good then the goodness returns three fold. However if you do harm then that returns three fold as well.

Three Fold Return - You are responsible for what you do. If you do good then the goodness returns three fold. However if you do harm then that returns three fold as well.

Tools - Equipment or materials used as an aid to Work, i.e. Wand, Chalice, herbs etc.

Totem Animal - A Spirit Guide in animal form for which you have a particular affinity, please note that the guide chooses you not the other way round. You may be surprised as to who chooses you!

Tradition - A belief system held by a person or group of people that has existed for some time.

Wand - A pointing device for directing energy, also a Visualisation Tool.

Warlock - Originally an oathbreaker or traitor. NOT the name for a male Witch

Wicca - A Tradition that uses Initiation and Degrees

Will - The force of your personality, usually called willpower.

Witch - Male or female practitioner of Magic.

Witchcraft - The practice of Casting Spells and the belief in a Path.

Wizard - A term often used in faerytales for a male practitioner of Magic.

Work - The act of doing Magic.