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Ritual For Samhain

A pentagram should be marked on the ritual area, centred on the spot where you
will be sitting before the alter. The pentacle should be about eight feet across.
(if you wish not to use a pentacle then cast your circle as you feel you should.)

Set up the ritual area in advance,then retire to bathe before robing for this
rite, fixing in your mind that the water is cleansing not just the physical body,
but also the heart, spirit/soul of all guilt, stain and imperfection, leaving
behind only that which is strong and good.

On the alter place a bit of bread and some salt in a small dish, as well as a
glass or chalice containing some red wine or nectar. Incense should be available,
as it is used liberally thoughout the ritual. (Essential Oil may be substituted
is you wish)

When you are ready, meditate for awhile, think of what has happened in the past
and of those who have gone before you. This is a time for joy and celebration of
your dead ancestors.

Items you'll need:

7 candles
1 White
1 Green
1 Black or Purple
4 of various Seasonal Colours
Small Pumpkin
Ear of Corn with Husks
Bit of Bread
Red Wine or Nectar
Cup or Chalice
Cauldron (or suitable substitute)
Incense or Essential Oil

Go to the place of the ritual, and kneel before the alter. Light the candles on
the alter, saying as you do so:

Light white candle:
This I light for the Maiden's bright glory.
Light green candle:
This I light for the passion and triumph of the Lady/Mother

Light black/purple candle:
This for the wisdom of the Crown

Light the incense, and then the five candles which sit before the alter, saying:

These do I light in honour
Not only of the Three-Fold Goddess
But for Her strong, horned consort.
He who is sometimes laughing, sometimes grim
And close nearby on this night

Stand, pointing the wand out before you, calling:
On this, the sacred night of Samhain
Do I build this small temple
In honour of the Goddess, and of the God
And of the Ancient Ones
From the times before Time.
To all I do give by love
And my warmest greetings.

Place the five candles at the points of the pentagram, touching each with the
wand. Rap thrice upon the alter with the wand, then replace it. Kneel before the
alter and hold your arms out over it, crossed, and give the incantation:

This is a time that is not a time
In a place that is not a place
On a day that is not a day
Between the worlds
And beyond...

Pause for the space of 13 heartbeats.
Then hold your hands over your bread and salt, and the wine / nectar in a

attitude of blessing, and say:
For this salt, bread, and wine/nectar
Do I ask the blessings
Of Maiden, of Lady/Mother, of Crone
And of the Horned God/One
Who guards the Portal of the Worlds

Take the bread and touch it to the salt, saying:
May I, and those whom I love Have sufficiency and good health

After eating the bread, take the wine cup and hold it forth in a toast towards
the north, saying:
May our spirits be strong.

Drink the wine/nectar, and proclaim:
By the Threefold Goddess
And by the Horned God/One
So be it!

At this time you can relax, play a musical instrument, and sing or recite poetry,
if these are your inclinations. Or you may improvise that which you feel is
appropriate for this occasion. When you feel that the ritual should end, put out
the candles at the points of the pentacle, then those of the alter, saying:

Though these flames
Of the material world
Be blackened,
They shall ever burn
In the worlds beyond.

The rite is ended!