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Vote Becky Barrett Toomey for Recorder of Deeds
Becky Barrett Toomey
Allegheny County Recorder of Deeds
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Endorsed by:

U.S. Senator Rick Santorum
U.S. Senator Arlen Spector
Allegheny County Executive Jim Roddey
U.S. Congressman Tim Murphy
U.S. Congresswoman Melissa Hart
PA State Representative M. Turzai
PA State Senator Jane Orie
PA State Senator John Pippy
PA State Representative Mark Mustio
PA State Representative Tom Stevenson
PA State Representative John Maher
Christine Toretti- Olson, National Republican Committee Representative for PA
Alan Novak, PA Republican Party Chairman
County Councilman Vince Gastgeb
County Councilwoman Jan Rea
County Councilman Ron Francis
County Councilman Tom Shumaker
County Councilman Dave Fawcett
County Councilman Doug Price

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette
The Republican Committee of Allegheny County
The City of Pittsburgh Republican Committee

Fraternal Order of Police
Firearms Owners Against Crime
Veterans Political Action Committee

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