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Character Education: Using adjectives to describe friendship


Goal: We will create a flower using adjectives to describe a friend.


Core Curriculum Skills: adjectives, read and respond to fiction and nonfiction


PA Standards: 1.1E, 1.4B, 1.6A, 1.6C, 1.6D, 1.6E


Think Aloud: I will model/discuss:

1.      Adjectives about my friend.

2.      We are learning about friendship, and I found a beautiful story and poem.


Shared Reading:


1.      A Friend by Betsey Jones Michael

2.      Friends Forever taken from a story by Ann Morris


Teaching Strategies:


1.      Think/Pair/Share- Students will process what they’ve read and make their own personal connections to their friendships.

2.      Create a chart while students pair/share and brainstorm adjectives (pair/share about words) to describe friends.

3.      Discuss friendship list.

4.      Graphic Organizer- Pair/share an adjective that describes your friend, and give a sentence explaining why. The children will then begin to fill in their web using 5 adjectives and 5 sentences describing their friend. These adjectives and sentences will then be transferred to a flower template to be displayed.


1.      What was your favorite part of this lesson?

2.      What did you learn about friendship?




Students will go onto for further practice in finding adjectives on this interactive website.


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