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Field Heraldry for Greyhound Coursing

Detail from Parmigianino
(1503 - 1540)
The Bath of Diana
Medieval Coursing Links

Hunting in the Upper Class Society
(Site excerpt) As soon as the lord blew a series of notes on his horn,several levriers (greyhounds) sprang towards the stag, causing it to bolt.The hunting party and dogs sprinted after it, until it could be cornered.Although the deer was wounded by the members of the hunting party, the killwas usually carried out with lance or bow by the huntsman himself.
As Others See Me: Medieval realms: Britain 1066-1500 Images of King John with dogs
(Site Excerpt) Image 1:King John and his dog In the Middle Ages artists did not have our modern idea that a picture of a person should be an accurate likeness of him or her. Pictures of people are not therefore portraits but pictures of how they should look. King John therefore wears a crown even though he seems to be relaxing with his dogs and not carrying out official business. Like all the nobles of this time, John was fond of hunting and these dogs may have been hunting dogs. The picture shows John's affection for the animals - a pleasant side of his nature. He has often been described elsewhere as one of the most evil kings England ever had.
Rules of Renaissance Coursing
(Site Excerpt) First therefore it was ordered, that he which was chosen Fewterer, or letter-loose of the Greyhounds, should receive the Greyhounds match to run together into his Leash, as soon as he came into the field, and to follow next to the Hare-finder till he came unto the former and no horsemen nor Footman, on pain of disgrace, to go before them, or on either side, but directly behind, the space of forty yards or thereabouts.
Stefan's Florilegium: Dogs
(Site Excerpt of messages on the subject) "There is a book on medieval hunting called 'The Hawk & the Hound' which has descriptions of (and primary source illustrations) of both quilted armor and brigandine for canines."

Greyhound Links's Grey Hound Historical Image Gallery
Greyhound History in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
(Site Excerpt) Greyhounds nearly became extinct during times of famine in the Middle Ages. They were saved by clergymen who protected them and bred them for the nobility. From this point on, they came to be considered the dogs of the aristocracy. In the tenth century, King Howel of Wales made killing a greyhound punishable by death. King Canute of England established the Forest Laws in 1014, reserving large areas of the country for hunting by the nobility. Only such persons could own greyhounds; any "meane person" (commoner) caught owning a greyhound would be severely punished and the dog's toes "lawed" (mutilated) to prevent it from hunting. The value of a Greyhound exceeded that of a serf, and the punishment for causing death of a Greyhound was equivalent to the punishment for murder.

Mundane Coursing Links

Lure Coursing Information, Club's, Reading and Links
(Site Excerpt) Below, you'll find information on Coursing clubs not only here in the United States, but in other countries as well. Along with places to obtain coursing equipment, and some stories. None of the links are listed in order of importance, but I'd like to suggest that you check out the American Sighthound Field Association site first if your new to the sport...

The next page contains medieval dog information, not necessarily coursing or greyhound related.

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