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Æthelmearc Coursing

Welcome to the Kingdom of Æthelmearc Hound Coursing Guild Website!

This website was built to provide information to the general populace of the Kingdom Of Æthelmearc in regards to all things Houndcoursing! Here you will find events where you can see Houndcoursing, Policies of the Kingdom Houndmistress, the Sylvan Pack, and the Canine College, as well as pictures, classes and articles regarding Houndcoursing in Æthelmearc.

What is Houndcoursing?

Houndcoursing is the re-creation of the period art of hunting with hounds. In an open area, pullies are laid out in a gentle shape (usually a “P” or a lightbulb shape). Once laid out, the pullies are threaded with masons thread, and hooked up to a very space age looking unit, called a “Hand Cranked Lure Machine.” This is the back half of a 10 or 5 speed bike sawed off and mounted to a solid structure. The thread is then threaded through the tire of the bike (the rubber has been removed). A white standard grocery bag (the “Lure”) is attached to the thread, and the pedal is cranked, moving the lure around the pully system at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. Hounds, meaning any member of the canine family, can be taught to chase this lure, especially members of the sighthound family, and it is an amazing sight to see. In period, these animals would be “Slipped” (or released from a special collar) and would chase the acutal “Lure” which would be live game. The Æthelmearc Hound Coursing Guild never uses live lures, no matter how authentic.

Do make sure and check out the pictures available from some of our coursing events over the last few years! And if you have any questions, please contact the Kingdom Houndmistress, Duchess Elina Einarsdottir.

Happy Hunting!
Duchess Elina Einarsdottir

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