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Below are over 300 Unit Studies that were found on the Web. Help yourself !!

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Ancient Africa Unit

Africa - "Come With Me To Africa" (Grades 2-3)

Alaska Mini-Unit

NEW!! American Heros (Grades 3-6)

(Peg's) American History Unit, The Colonies

(What Was the) American Revolution (Grades k-3)

Our American Revolution Unit (a homeschooler's account)

 American Revolution (Grade 4)

 The American Revolution (Grade 5)

NEW!! American Revolution

NEW!! American Revolutionary War (Grades 5-8)

American Settlement (Grades 4-6)

Angiosperms Unit (High School level)

Anne of Green Gables (collection of links)

NEW!! Anne Frank

NEW!! West Virginian Appalachian Culture

Apple Unit (Grades 4-6)

NEW!! Apple Unit Resources

Archaeology Unit (Middle School)

Art and Artist (IBM's)

(Exploring) Arthurian Legends (High School)

Arthurian Legends Units

Asian Cultural Traditions

Asian Indian Immigration Unit

Aspiring Aviators Unit (K-3)

NEW! Automobile Unit (Pop Culture)

Aviation Unit (First Grade)

Aviation Unit (Kindergarten)

Aviation Unit (K-3)

Aztecs, Incas and Mayas Unit


Baseball (IBM's)

Bat Unit

Bats, Creatures of the Night (Second Grade)

A Bear Called Paddington

Bears Mini-Unit (Kindergarten)

Bears (Grades 2,3)

NEW!! (All About) Bears

Birds (Grades 2,3)

Masters of Flight, Birds (Second Grade)

NEW!! Black History Month Unit Resources (from Mr. Donn)


Camping Unit (Kindergarten)

Canada Unit

Can't You Make Them Behave, King George (Literature Unit)

Carry On Mr. Bowditch

Castles (Kindergarten)


 Celebrating Carle (Literature Unit Study)

Cells and Systems

Civil War Unit (Upper Elem.)

NEW!! Childhood in America (3rd and 4th Grade Art Unit)

Ancient China Unit

(Investigating) China Unit

(Searching for) China Unit

China (Fourth Grade)

Chinese Folk Tales (Grades 3-4)

Chinese New Year Unit

Chocolate Unit

Christmas Unit

NEW!! (All About Jesus) Christmas Unit

Christopher Columbus 5 Day Unit (Kindergarten)

NEW!! Christopher Columbus (Third Grade)

Cinco de Mayo (Grades 3-4)

NEW!! Circus Unit

Cities Unit (six units)

Civil War, A Divided State

Civil War, Points of View

 Civil War (Grade 4)

Civil War (Grade 5)

NEW!! Civil War Unit

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (Grades K-3)

The Thirteen Colonies (Primary Grades)

Colonial America (Primary Grades)

NEW!! Colonial America, 1600-1776

Colonial America Thematic Unit (Grades 4 and 5)

Colonial Life (Third Grade)

NEW!! Colonial Living (Remedial 4th and 5th Grade)

NEW!! Colonists in the New World (5th Grade)

NEW!! (Creating a) Colony in the New World

 Colorado (Third Grade)

(The Voyage of) Columbus (High School)

(The Birth of the) Constitution (Grades 4-8)

Constitutional Tradition (High School

Captain James Cook

Costa Rica Unit

Cowboy Unit


Deserts (A Funschooling Unit)

Deserts (and Oceans) Unit

Deserts (a Webquest Unit)

Dinosaurs (Kindergarten)

Dinosaurs (Primary)

Dinosaurs (IBM's)

 Disasters Unit

Drummer Boy of Shiloh (Literature Unit on the Civil War)


Ecosystem Unit

 Egg Fun

Ancient Egypt Unit

Ancient Egypt Unit

NEW!! Ancient Egypt (Into the Tomb)

Egypt (Sixth Grade)

(Mrs. Donn's) Egyptian Tombs Unit (unique, creative, check it out)


It's Electric

Electrical Safety Unit

Ellis Island Immigration (Junior High)

Emergency Preparedness (Funschooling Unit)

Endangered North American Birds (Third Grade)

England (Fourth Grade)

(Investigating) England

Erosion Mini-Unit (a homeschooler's account)

The Age of Exploration (Primary Grades)

Exploration (Intermediate Grades)


Farm Unit Study

NEW!! Farm Unit Study

Federal Holidays Unit

Feudalism Mini-Unit

Flight (Funschooling Unit)

Flight: Spread Your Wings (Eighth Grade)

Florida (Fourth Grade)

Force and Motion (Third Grade)

(Investigating) France Unit

Anne Frank Unit

Frogs (Second Grade)

Frontier Life


Galileo (High School)

Gardening Unit

Gardening Unit (IBM's)

Geology Rocks I (Fourth Grade)

Geology Rocks II (Fourth Grade)

Geography Unit

(Mr. Donn's) Ancient Greece Unit

(Mr. Donn's) Ancient Greek Olympics Mini-Unit


Hawaii (Fourth Grade)

The Heart, an Online Exploration

Hill of Fire (Grades K-3)

Hispanic Cultures (Fifth Grade)

History of the Age of Imperialism (7-12th Grade)
You will need separate teacher's guide to use as a unit study

Holocaust Unit

NEW!! Holocaust Unit

Holocaust and Resistance (High School)

Homes Near and Far

Hoover Dam Learning Packet

Horses Unit Study

Human Anatomy Lessons

The Human Body (IBM's)

The Human Body



Iditarod Curriculum Unit

(Asian) Indian Immigration

Ancient India Unit

India (Second Grade)

NEW!! Industrial Revolution

Inventions and Inventors

(Let's Go Surfin) Inventions

(Exploring) Ireland (4-8th Grade)

Ireland, The Emerald Island (Third Grade)

 Island of the Blue Dolphins

(Investigating) Israel Unit

Investigating) Italy Unit

Inventions and Inventors Unit


Japan Project (requires Adobe Acrobat software to dowload)

Japan Unit

NEW!! Japan Unit (K-3)

Japan Unit (Funschooling)

(Eating in) Japan Unit (K-1st Grade)

Johnny Appleseed (Third Grade)

 Johnny Tremain (Literature Unit)


Katy and the Big Snow (Grades K-3)

(All About) Kenya (Second Grade)

Kings, Queens and Castles


Lake Michigan (Kindergarten)

Leafy Green Lesson Plans (can send for free material)

(Falling) Leaves

Lewis and Clark Unit

Life Cycle - From Egg to Chicken (Second Grade)

Life Cycles (Second Grade)

Light and Optics Unit 1 (Primary Ages)

Light and Optics Unit 2 (Primary Ages)

Abraham Lincoln Unit (Primary ages)

Links and Chains Unit (7th Grade)

Little House in the Big Woods Activities


Macbeth (High School)

Make Way for Ducklings, Literature Unit (Grades 1-3)

Mammals (Grades 2, 3)

(What is a ) Map? (Kindergarten)

Matter and It's Changes

Matter Matters (Primary Grades)

Matter, Property of

Medieval Times (Grades 4-6)

Ancient Mesopotamia Unit (7th Grade)

(Mr. Donn's) Ancient Mesopotamia Unit

(Investigating) Mexico Unit

Mexico (Third Grade)

NEW!! Mice are Nice (First Grade)

Mr. Donn'a Colonial Mexico

Middle Ages (Third Grade)

Middle Ages

Miss Rumphius (Grades K-3)

The Mitten (Grades K-3)

Money Curriculum Unit

Moon Colony Unit

Mother Goose (Preschool)

NEW!! Mulan

Music Curriculum (7-12 Grade)


Names of Jesus (Funschooling Unit)

Native Americans (First Grade)

Native American Mini-Unit (2nd Grade)

Native Americans (2-4th Grade)

Native Americans (Primary Grades)

Native Americans

Natural Disasters Unit (4-6th Grade)

A New Coat for Anna (Grades K-3)

Newspaper Unit

Novel Study (Grade 10)

Nutrition Unit - The Food Zone (Grades 8-12)

Nutrition and You (IBM's)

 Nutrition Expedition (Middle School-Junior High)


Oceans (and Deserts) Unit

The Old Man and the Sea (Grades 6-11)

(Investigating) Olympics

The Outsiders (Literature Unit Study)


Pets (First Grade)

(Tomb of the) Pharoahs Unit

Pigs (Grades 1, 2)

Hog Wild! (Pig Unit Study for Grades 2-3)

Pilgrims (5th Grade)

(Life on the Great) Plains (High School)

Plants (Primary)

Plants (Second Grade)

Plants; a Teacher's Resource Guide for Grades 3-5

NEW!! (Life on ) Plymouth Plantation

Polar Animals (K-1st Grade)

Polar Ice Caps Unit (10th Grade)

NEW!! Popcorn (Third Grade)

Prairie Life Unit (4th Grade)


Quilt Unit Study


Recreational Diving Unit (7th, 8th, 9th Grade)


Reptiles and Amphibians (Second and Third Grade)

Roaring Twenties Unit

Rocks and Minerals Unit

Rocks and Minerals Unit

Rocks and More (IBM's)

Ancient Rome Unit

Romeo and Juliet (High School)


Seasons (K-3rd Grade)

Senses, The Five (Kindergarten Unit)

Seven Continents (First Grade)


Simple Machines (3rd Grade)
Simple Machine Resources (Great site to go along with the above)

Snow Unit (Don't miss any of these great links!)

NEW! Snowman Unit

"Socks and Shoes" Unit (for 3 and 4 year olds)

Sound, Music or Noise

Spider Resources

Spring Unit (Easter, Passover)

Saint Patrick's Day Page

Stellaluna (Grades K-3)

Stock Market Unit

(Good News Bears) Stock Market Unit

Studying the States (Grades 2-3)

Summer of My German Soldier (Literature Unit)

NEW!! The Sun (Third Grade)

NEW!! Sun and Skin

(Exploring) Switzerland (Grades Two-Three)


Tabernacle Unit Study

Texas Week (Kindergarten)

Train Unit Study (by Amanda Bennett)

Transportation Unit (K-2nd Grade)

Transportation (K-2nd Grade)

Treasure Island Unit

Treasures in the Stream (Literature Unit)

(Mark) Twain and American Humor (High School)

Tundra Mini-Unit (for 1st graders)

Turtle Tales (K-3 Grade)



Velveteen Rabbit (Grades K-3)

Vertebrates Unit


The War of 1812 (Primary Grades)

Watch the Stars Come Out (Grades K-3)

Water Unit

Water, Visible and Invisible

Water, Environmental Science Approach

Waves Unit Study (7th and 8th Grade)

Weather Unit

Weather Unit (1-2 Grade)

Weather Unit (3rd Grade)

(Peg's)Weather Unit

Weather Unit

Weather in the U.S. (Third Grade)

Westward Expansion (Primary Grades)

The White Stallion (Grades K-3)

NEW!! (Laura Ingalls) Wilder Unit Study

Wonders of Wetlands

Whale Activities for Unit Study

Whales Unit Study

NEW!! Winter (Third Grade)

Wolf Unit

Woodsong (Literature Unit)


Zoo  Animals (Grades 1-3)