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Friday, May 18, 2001 /\/\/\ 6:53pm

The cooler water spurred more weakfish activity in Little Sheepshead Creek again last night. Some anglers are fishing for herring off of the bridge then cutting them up for fresh bait and catching both stripers and weakfish along the banks. Gnats are bad; really bad! Gnat hats, or hooded sweat shirts are required to be able to stick it out. The bug sprays are helping a little, but the gnats are thick.

E-mail Reports:

5/15:" I fished the back bays of Absecon looking for flatties. While passing through Meadow Cut I observed bait fish being chased along the banks. After throwing my favorite lure in the mix I managed to boat 6 Stripers! I kept one 27" slot fish, threw back 3 shorts and 2 additional slot fish. Even though I struggled cathing flatties, the blitz @ Meadow Cut made the day! " ~Thomas Caterina

5/12:" Hi SCOTT...fished the area around the fish factory. Had 8 stripers between myself and Mike. Fish were caught on clam with boat anchored. Fished the incoming tide till 11am...kept just 2 fish. Released all others to fight another day !!...angler friends can see pics on your friends linkspage under EDWILLFISH " ~CYA ED

Monday, May 14, 2001 /\/\/\ 6:21pm

Anglers are still catching the weakies off of Great Bay Blvd, but the activity has slowed a little. Every once in a while a good blitz happens and that is what is keeping those anglers coming back night after night.
Sea Ya

Sunday, May 13, 2001 /\/\/\ 6:40pm
I am receiving more and more favorable reports from the Inland Waterway area from 131 to 139 markers in the Great Bay. Anglers did catch fluke on the opening day of the fluke season. Very few claim a limit catch, but others say that they got close and quite a few say that if the limit was 15 1/2" they would have almost had a limit catch too.
Anglers continue to pound weakfish off of Great Bay Blvd. Persistence is the key I suppose. Top of the high tide and dusk are still the best times to be fishing there. The bubble gum ice pink Fin-s lures continue to fly off of the wall.
Beware the gnats! It's worth writing again and again. Gnat hats with fine mesh are a last ditch effort for anglers who want to stick out the bank fishing. We still have a few in stock and ordered a bunch more this evening.
Sea Ya

E-mail Reports:

Friday, May 11, 2001 /\/\/\ 7:35pm
Acres and acres of two pound bluefish continue to work the 139 marker area in the mornings. Throwing metals is catching just fine. If you don't mind sacrificing lures, bucktails, jigs with worms will pull weakfish from under the blues. Clean out that tackle box, throw stuff at the bluefish you don't mind loosing, 'cause they are chopping stuff up!

E-mail Reports:

5/11:" I went out to Black Point in Absecon Bay to fish for Blue's. I anchored up in about 8' of water and started catching lots of Blues between 2-4 lbs. I fished 1/2 ounce Rat-L-Trap's with light spinning gear. Suddenly I get a monster strike! At first I think it's a large Bluefish. After a lengthy battle I boat a beautiful striper. " ~Thomas Caterina

5/10:" Fished the fourth bridge on seven bridges road at night the tide was just about peak high fished until about mid low. What a night had 14 weakies from 4-8lbs and 7 striped bass measuring 24-36inches. What's funny about this is I was going to the fifth bridge that night thanks to your daily reports. Upon arrival there must a been over 100 guys fishing. Not being much for crowds i tried the fourth bridge and boy did I stumble in doo. Just want to share the info because others were so kind in sharing theirs. Let the gang know so they can fish down at the fourth bridge also. Also all my fish were caught on plugs the hottest being the all white yozuri mag tx minnow. Thanks again " ~The Stargazer

Thursday, May 10, 2001 /\/\/\ 7:52pm
It was another gorgeous day to be fishing. Summer type weather is here and folks are enjoying it.

E-mail Reports:

5/9:" Fished Little Sheepshead Creek from 7pm till 8:30pm with a buddy. I caught zero. My buddy caught one weakfish. Saw two other weaks that were caught before we got there. Beautiful night. " ~Ed

5-9-01:" Fished the 5th bridge until about 9:30pm. Someone dropped his wallet from the bridge and went in after it. This fool almost didn't make it. Hypothermia started to set in, had to be helped out by fishing line. Man in boat retrieved wallet. It takes all kinds! Slow night otherwise. " ~Kev.Brun.

5/7-5/8:" Fished up there at night and caught some monster weakies both nights. Biggest fish were a pair of 32 inchers weighing 9.06 and 8.85, fishing is best on the outgoing tide. Also got a 3 1/2 ft. pup shark don't know what kind but it had teeth. Got a slot striper too, and then the blues came in and ripped up everything. Should be back up there this weekend, hope the big boys hang around. " ~Frank

The weakfish action continues along Great Bay Blvd AKA:Seven Bridges Road. Some evenings are better then others. Thursday night last week was the hot night and Saturday was the slowest. Go figure? Fin-s lures on lead head weights are still the most popular item along the bank. Angers are catching weakfish on ratl traps and bucktails too. Each day we are hearing more reports of stripers both in Little Sheepshead creek and all the way out at the sedges in front of the Coast Guard Station. Clams have become a very popular bait for the bass and plenty of bloodworms are selling to catch both bass and weakfish too. The bluefish are still doing fine at Graveling Point. Action is better near the mouth of the Mullica River due to a little warmer water.
Boaters continue to find weakfish in the area of 139 marker and along the West bank of Great Bay all the way back to the mouth of the Mullica River. Pink plastics have still been working best.
Sea Ya

E-mail Reports:

5/9:" We went out on Tues. You were closed had to use frozen shrimp. We fished the middle grounds for 3 hours and did zero. Moved to the brick pile and did the same great weather no fish. See ya down there. " ~John Currey on the Helen 3

05/08/01:" Hello, Fished last night with my good friend Frank and his cousin Jeff in the back bay behind the casino's and had a good night. We landed had a few bluefish and had 1 short bass. Most fish were caught on plugs, also used soft bodied baits until the blues showed up. Also had multiple strikes on the plugs but the bass must be closing there eyes when they go to eat it. A good night overall. All fish were released. C-ya! " ~Nick C.

5/7/01:" No drum to be had down out of Cape May. Hopped aboard the Miss Chris and they went across the bay to Slaughter Beach, Delaware- nothing but skates and doggies. Didn't even hear them booming; might still be too cold for them. " ~Brian Lennen

5/4:" I just had to tell you that Thursday was one great day for fishing in the Great Bay at marker 139. The 2 to 3 lb. blues at your beckon as well as the laughter throughout the other 12 to 15 other boats that were out there. The blues that I caught and released were on a diamond jig with yellow tails. " ~Joe Smith

Monday, May 7, 2001 /\/\/\ 6:58pm
Great Bay anglers still continue to pound the bluefish. Plugs and lures provide the most fun with a little casting and retrieving the lures through the water. Lower light levels of the day have provided better catching, but in some areas of the bay the action has been continuing all day long. Look along the West bank around the area of Oyster Creek to the mouth of the Mullica River and you can usually find the bluefish wandering in that area.
Sea Ya

E-mail Reports:

5/3/01:" I took a ride out to the 139 area right around 6am.The tide at that time was just about to turn at the top so nothing happened for about an hour till it was running out fairly hard. The blues started slowly but picked rapidly and were not too fussy on what they bit on. They responded nicely to rattle traps, stick baits, gotcha plugs and mackerel strips floated out on a hook with no weight. Had a nice time and limited out easily. " ~chuck bittner

5/6/01:" Only fished about an hour to windy and cold. Should have been here yesterday. Not many boats out. No fish. " ~John Szczytkowski

Sunday, May 6, 2001 /\/\/\ 5:51pm
The fluke fishing countdown continues...only 5 more non-fluke fishing days 'till fluke season. Saturday, May 12, is the big day. Quite a few anglers wisely bought minnows and squid to ready themselves for the big day next Saturday. Minnows are scarce. Yikes!
Gnats are here. Cough, gasp! If the wind ever stops blowing, be prepared with some bug spray.
BLUEFISH BONANZA!!! Great Bay fishing for bluefish is ON!
A good surf report came from couple of anglers who stopped in the shop around noon to buy mackerel. They had purchased bloodworms earlier in the morning in anticipation of catching bass and went fishing at Pebble Beach. After watching another angler fill a stringer with bluefish, they just needed mackerels to get in on the fishing action.
Boaters are very happy with the quantity of blues in the Great Bay too. One angler reported more then a 50% catch to cast ratio while popping the blues this morning. Now, that is thick blues. Quite a few other boating reported similar stories too.
One hour after the top of the falling tide, weakfish are being found in the mouths of the Big Creek, Oyster Creek, and Motts creek. Jigs with worms, and bucktails are producing hits. A little squirt of shedder oil on the lures is helping some anglers out fish their buddies.
Sea Ya

Saturday, May 5, 2001 /\/\/\ 7:05pm
We are out of bloodworms; plan accordingly. Next batch of worms is due around noontime tomorrow.
Fishing continues to be very good in the Great Bay. Weakfish and bluefish are what we are hearing most of the stories about.
Quite a few weakfish made it to the catch page the last couple of days; it's worth a look. Sheepshead creek area is where the hot spot is. It has been very busy over there the past few days, and that is effecting the fishing. Boating and people noise does not help the fishing, but even with all the congestion, anglers are catching awesome size weakfish.
Bluefish fishing was right on again this morning. The blues have been found anywhere along the West bank of Great Bay. Trolling, bait fishing and casting and retrieving methods of fishing are all working equally well. Late this afternoon, the action was not as good, due to high winds.
Sea Ya


Friday, May 4, 2001 /\/\/\ 6:55pm
Another fantastic early morning bluefishing day. Some anglers limited out in forty five minutes. The bag limit for blues is ten, but they do not have any size restriction. Bait fishing in the mouth of the Mullica River has been productive and lure action in the area from Oyster Creek to 139 has been hot! (number 3 clarke spoons and 16 series bombers)
How about over sixty anglers working the weakfish at Little Sheepshead Creek at sundown. The bubble gum ice Fin-S fish lures and the jig heads flew out of here again this afternoon. It's a gotta see--gotta be there fishery. Largest weakfish are around 30 inches and weigh 8 pounds while there are many 23 to 26 inch fish which weigh 4 to 7 pounds.
Fluke season is closed 'till May 12, which is only 7 more non-fishing days away! Whoot!!!
Sea Ya

E-mail Reports:

05/03/01:" Hello, Fished the north end of LBI from 5pm -7pm. I got 1 bass(21") and 4 blues(18-24") not bad at all. Bass was caught on clam and the blues were caught on mackerel. Windy but still a productive day. C-ya! " ~Nick C.

5/4/01:" The blues are the hot ticket in the early evening just before the crest of the high tide. This is two days running now with the birds as thick as gnats. We used diamond jigs but grandma's old earrings would work just as well. A fish on every cast if you move with the flock. We limited out in 45 minutes. It seems they're working the spearing and are keeping them schooled halfway across the bay. Lets see if the same pattern holds true tonight.

P.S. Thanks to the guys for the tow the other day after we smoked our coil, gotta remember to turn that key off. " ~Polecat

:" Hi Scott,
Yesterday my party just about froze off shore. So I brought them into great bay trolling for blues at 11:30. Quit fishing at 1pm with our limit 60 fish and went home happy. Have a good day " ~ Capt. Joel

Thursday, May 3, 2001 /\/\/\ 6:45pm
We are sold out of bloodworms. Next batch will be delivered sometime around noon tomorrow and there will be no jumbos. Plastic lures and jig heads flew out of the store again this afternoon. Largest weakfish of the day was weighed in by Mike Morrin, 8 pounds 13 ounces, and 31 inches. Little Sheepshead creek area continues to be the hot spot. A few weakies were also caught under schools of bluefish in the 139 marker buy area. Morning fishing activity is best from 5:30 'till 7:00.
A few anglers have tried to catch blackfish in Great Bay, but I haven't heard a good report yet. Best to stick with the weakfish and the bluefish while the catchin' is good.
Sea Ya

E-mail Reports:

05/03/01:" Hi Scott, Went out this morning at turn of the tide near Somers Point parkway bridge. There was 3 of us fishing, caught 9 stripers: two 31", two 27", and 1 25", 3 slot fish and 2 over 28. Kept 5 fish. Caught 4 shorts: two 20", two 21" throw backs. Not a bad morning 9 stripers, 5 keepers. All the fish were caught on clam. Good luck everyone, keep a tight line. " ~Kookieman

Wednesday, May 2, 2001 /\/\/\ 6:35pm
Anglers are packing the banks at Little Sheepshead Creek during the evenings. Some nights are better then others. The weakfish are mostly in the 3-6 pound range with an occasional whopper that I bet would push the scale over ten pounds. Fin-s fish lures are the ticket and every angler has the BEST COLOR EVER and they are all different. Even so, the pink(bubble gum ice) and the white (pearl) are the most dependable colors for action. Any newspaper writers that want to get a scoop, bring your pole and camera to Little Sheepshead Creek some evening. Folks, when the bite is on, it just doesn't get any better then this. Whoot!!!
The below e-mail reports tell of bluefish action better then I could put it myself. Bank anglers are catching bluefish at Pebble Beach and Graveling Point on strips of mackerel bait in the low light of the morning and after sunset in the evening. The most frequent size bluefish is about 2 pounds.
Sea Ya

E-mail Reports:

5-1-01:" Fished 139 area for blues. Got 2-5 pounders for 2 hours straight on spitten image, it is awesome watching them chase it and miss and hit again. It was the most fun I have ever had with blues, we caught and released about 70 fish in 2 hours. Biggest fish was just over 5 pounds. " ~jesse bloomquist

5/1:" Great fishing on the color Russ recommended on monday. Casey Evans finnessed her first tiderunner weakfish, a 32" estimated 10+ lb. beauty!!!!!thanks again to Russ & Scotty!
Tight lines, " ~Pat E.

It's the last post for April, and I have to think fishing has gone out with a bang. Great Bay fishing is ON! There are bluefish in large quantities, 2 pounders. There are weakfish smaller numbers, but large in size 3-6 pounds, some rumors larger, but those 9 pounders shrink to 6 when they get on a scale. Stripers, mostly schoolies and slot fish, but throw a 34" striper caught off the banks at the Old Coast Guard Station at 12 pounds ain't half bad =).
 I know that anglers are catching weakies from the bank in Little Sheepshead Creek at dusk, which is right around the corner from that area.
Remember to dress warm, the wind tends to make a warm day cold when exposed along the banks -- Especially, after the sun sets.
Sea Ya
E-mail Reports:

4/29:" Caught a buncha 1 to 3 lb. weakies in the mouth of the Mullica on squid strips and tiny killies. " ~"Fishiesue"

Sunday, April 29, 2001 /\/\/\ 3:40pm

Land based anglers will be glad to know that the dusk weakfish fishery at the fifth bridge off of Great Bay Blvd has started up with some regularity again this Spring. Fin-s fish lures are the ticket, but I can't say what the magic color is at the moment.

4/28/01:" The Blues were there yesterday in the Great Bay. We caught 9 late in the day at low tide by the old stink house. The largest weighing in at 6 pounds.It was a nice way to start off the season. Thanks for the report Walt. " ~Bill Renner

Saturday, April 28, 2001 /\/\/\ 5:55pm
I really am not sure how to write this report. Fishing in Great Bay is on. We have fluke, weakfish, bluefish and stripers. Sometimes anglers catch a whole lot of fish while others just can't seem to locate a fish. I guess it is all about being in the right place at the right time. The mouth of the Mullica River area including in front of the Mystic Island beach turns out to be the best overall location for weakfish, bluefish and stripers. Best action has been occuring just after dark.
while stripers and weakies love bloodworms.

E-mail Reports:

04/27/01:"  I caught the first flatty of the year about 21"er on herring, a throw back till May 12th!!! Real nice fish he would have made a good meal. My friend hooked a striper 6lbs. 26"er, then I caught a 22" though back, then finish the day with a 27"er 71/2lbs. Not bad for a couple of hours. We were out by the parkway bridge in Somers Point. Good luck and good fishing " ~Kookieman

Friday, April 27, 2001 /\/\/\ 7:10pm
There are plenty of stripers still in the Great Bay. Graveling Point and Pebble beach seem to produce stripers in the morning and after 9:00 at night. At least that is the way it was this week. The fish size range has shrunk a little from the earlier season bass and are now mostly in the 18 to 26" range. Wednesday evening was action that was so good that it could be considered a blitz; again, mostly shorts though, but some real fun fishing.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001 /\/\/\ 6:42pm
Striper fishing remains active at Graveling Point as the water temperature hangs around the 55 degree mark. This morning, most of the stripers caught were from 16 to 22" with one bass at 29 1/2". It seems to be an incoming tide fishery this week. Anglers who fish with mackerel are picking up bluefish too. Most of the blues reported have been 1 1/2 pounds to an occasional 5 to 6 pounder. So far, no one has reported a land based catch of weakfish. A few were caught by boaters in the area in the past couple of days.

E-mail Reports:

4/24:" I almost turned around, the wind was brutal. Against my better judgement I proceeded out to Absecon Bay with a half dozen live herring (Striper candy) I got from Dave over at Absecon Marina. I fished the sod banks trying to hide from the wind. My patients paid off with a 29" on the very last herring.

Monday, April 23, 2001 /\/\/\ 6:56pm

I am spreading the first RUMOR of weakfish being caught around the 139 marker this morning. It is only chatter on the VHF radio that I am basing this conclusion on, but it didn't sound like the couple of anglers were catching bluefish. They weren't telling enough info to be bluefish they were catching. Ninety eight percent of anglers are willing to share specific information about bluefish fishing, but when anglers clam up about what they are doing where, it is likely they are catching the "pretty ones"!


The bass are finally getting thick behind OCNJ. I got a 23" bass on Monday and a 21" and 26" fish yesterday on clams on Hi-Lo Rigs.
IP: Logged
Member   posted 04-11-2001 12:14 PM
Are they catching any in Rainbow Channel? I hope to try there friday.
IP: Logged
I was fishing by the Elbow Thorofare which is right near Rainbow, so yes they must be catching some bass in Rainbow by now also..
So you were fishing off of the 9th Street causeway, or is your boat in the water? I've gotten nothing but the skunk off of the causeway, including elbow thorofare, so far this year (but I haven't fished it in over a week).
7:30 is a bit early but I'll be around the area Friday, and I might even sneak out tonight.

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Striper Sniper
Moderator   posted 04-11-2001 03:26 PM
I fished from the sod bank at the Elbow Thorofare. The boat doesn't go in for 2 weeks yet.

 posted 04-12-2001 09:28 PM
Just got back from OC again. There was a pretty strong SE Breeze. I had lots of hits, but the thing is, I got EVERY hit while I was changing the bait on the other rod, and I always grab the rod too late and miss them. So therefore I missed 5 bass. The Good news is I landed a 29" bass just before I left. I will be there tomorrow again and I'll let ya know how I did.

 posted 04-12-2001 04:07 PM


FROM 2000  Scotts

This fishing stuff is kinda hard to figure out. We know that there is a bay full of weakfish, bluefish and stripers. However, anglers had a difficult time at catching anything during the middle of the day. Maybe it was too much sunshine or the wind howling which didn't allow for reasonal fishing conditions where one would be able to detect a light bite. Action for weakfish and bluefish was good for a short while right around day break then the action halted for both boaters and surf anglers. With the nicer weather, angers are anticipating a good blitz of fishing action this evening. Sea Ya

4/29/00:" Where Fished: Brigintine Bridge
Weather: Partly Sunny
Wind: less than 10 kts.
Sea Conditions: less than 2 ft.
Report: Increased boat traffic & several more fisherman at the bridge today. Fished an hour before and after high tide with herring chunk, no success. However, a friend of mine caught & released his first 27" striper. " ~Thomas Caterina

4-29-00:" There are some real nice fluke out there. Broke my heart throwing them back. But then I didn't feel so guilty about keeping two 4 lb. weakies we caught. " ~Reuben

Sunday, April 30, 2000 /\/\/\ 9:49pm
Bloodworms are here. There early, there isn't many, but we probably have enough to get through the day. If your traveling long distance tomorrow, you might want to check the status or give us a call before you make the trip.
Weighed in weakfish already this morning. Boy, I sure hope this activity continues. It is shaping up to be a real good Spring.
Sea Ya

Saturday, April 29, 2000 /\/\/\ 6:55pm
We will be out of bloodworms until at least 11:30am tomorrow! We will post as soon as they arrive.

Excellent reports of bluefish running at Graveling Point, as well as scattered boat reports from several different areas of the Great Bay.
Weakfish were caught in decent numbers from what we heard on the marine radio. Land based fishing in Little Sheepshead Creek was productive yesterday as well as today, with reports of short stripers, large weakfish, blues and even fluke. Use of fin-s fish lures on 1/2 ounce jig heads produced nice sized weakfish the best.
According to the following e-mail reports, fluke are around in good numbers; anglers are definitely getting anxious for May 6th, opening day of fluke season to arrive!
Sea Ya

E-mail Reports:

4/29/00:" Went flounder fishing to find hot spots for next weekend, we caught 43 flounder in four hours. Many were keepers with 4 or 5 over 3lbs. Fishing in Stone Harbor by inlet with bucktails and squid strips, also picked up a stray bluefish. Can't wait until next weekend! Season needs to open earlier. Good luck guys! " ~Frank Ruczynski

4-29-00:" Hey Scott, fished two and half hours this morning. Did ok for the water temp been so cold. Caught 8 fluke all which would of been keepers. Hope the water gets a little warmer by next Sat. See ya" ~Buck

4/28/00:" Fished with Killer Kane last night at a few of his hot spots in Stone Harbor last night, started at 11 pm till 5 am nice night ,brisk not to windy or cold. Saw 5 weekfish caught, Killer Kane had 2 of them and 5 shad. Saw also 4 to 5 nice 18 to 20 inch fluke caught and released, only o ne short striper, I even tried to strip up a shad and put it onto a fishfinder rig but no luck. I missed probaly 5 or 6 fish, all of the fish where caught on lead heads with either pink or smokin shad fin-s fish, not to bad for my first trip of the year, I guess I really better get the yard work done so the little lady wont have such a big "honey do list". " ~Steve F.

4/28/00:" Headed out Fri afternoon with Capt. Carl on the ss.Skully. He caught 2 keepers on live herring but I was skunked. I'd give the location but I think he would kill my dog or something. " ~Murf2703

4/27/00:" Hey Scott, finally got out Thursday once the wind let up. Howard and I did manage to boat 8 bass from 18 to 23" in the bay. Missed quite a few as well. They were all caught on white bucktails. We marked fish all day, but they were pretty inactive due to the water temp{49-51 degrees}. Oh yeah, Howard did get a 17" fluke which was released. C-ya " ~Cliff

Friday, April 28, 2000 /\/\/\ 6:58pm
The weather improved this afternoon. It never really got sunny and there was an occasional sprinkle, but at least the wind didn't blow too hard. Anglers reported a few short stripers from Graveling Point during the past couple of days. There should be better bluefish action then there is, but the cooler water temperature slowed the good blue fishing action down.
We will run out of bloodworms tomorrow morning, because we were shorted on our order. Be prepared; purchase bloodworms on your way. The worm diggers said that there was lousy weather; I guess that's believable.
Wreck fishing proved productive again this afternoon. If you can get out on the ocean and wreck fishing is your thing, then it's well worth the trip. Thanks Dave and Capt. Mick, Maureen and I will enjoy the fresh sea bass dinner. Sea Ya

E-mail Reports:

4/28/00:" 2:00PM: Just wanted to let everyone know. The fish are still there, but I wanted to warm those who don't like to fish in the cold weather. " ~JBJ, Betty and Nicks

4/27/00:"Hi Scott/Mo, Fished the Bay/Grassy/Inlet & River for 5 hours today. Trolled for blues from Inland Waterway out to E Buoy but no strikes. Drifted in Grassy and for our efforts caught 1 Sea Robin, 1 Skate and, to our surprise, 1 21" Fluke. Hope to see more fluke beginning 5/6 when we can keep them. All in all, a cold day with few fish. " ~Referee

4/27/00:" Where Fished: Brigintine Bridge
Weather: Rain
Wind: less than 10 kts.
Sea Conditions: less than 2 ft.
Report: Third time a charm? No chance! Fished for stripers during the incomming tide for three hours with clam & chunk herring, not a bite. Seem to be more successful during dead low tide, I'll try again then. Tight lines... " ~Thomas Caterina

April 24, 2000:" My grandfather and I took a trip on the Doris Mae 4 out of Barnegat Light. The fishing was amazing. We caught a ton of sea bass, as did all other anglers onboard. I caught a 5 lb. sea bass, along with other nice sized ones. A few cod were also mixed in the catch. Well, that's all for now. " ~-Mykal

Thursday, April 27, 2000 /\/\/\ 6:32pm
The weather hasn't improved much, but maybe the fishing has a little. One boater who made a shake down cruse around Graveling Point this afternoon reported an angler anchored around the point who caught three short bass in about a fifteen minute period. Surf anglers report a light activity, but a much better ratio of keepers to shorts then earlier in the season. Also, a few reports came in from anglers who fished yesterday. One reported "...slow activity, but that's ok cause the fish I caught was a keeper."
Some anglers are anticipating a calmer sea tomorrow and are going to try some ocean wreck fishing. The sea bass have become active this past week, so go armed with both green crabs and clams if a wreck trip is in the plans.
I have heard the phrase "The birds are working" quite a bit the past few days. There was a real good flurry of bluefish in the Great Bay two Mondays ago, so it's likely that the blues are back in the bay and are feeding. It's still too early to troll these Spring blues, so if they are your target fish, it is still mackerel bait that is going to catch them. Sea Ya

Wednesday, April 26, 2000 /\/\/\ 6:00pm
It was a bearable day weather wise, but anglers are frustrated and pretty much stayed home anyway. A lot of fresh water from all of the rain and cooler water temperatures have slowed the fishing. Several anglers report a bay water temperature of only 49 degrees down from it's high of 56 degrees. That kind of drop will surely put a damper on the fishing for awhile. A little clearing and some warmer water and the bluefish action is sure to break loose.
Boating has not been an issue due to high winds. Plenty of anglers want to run outside to get a little wreck fishing in for tog, but rough conditions are holding everyone back.
UPDATE: Sure, right after I post that lousy report, Mark comes in with a 7 pound 12 ounce bluefish. Mark and his buddy had a good fishing day in the mouth of the Mullica River, 9 bluefish, 1 32" striper and an 18" fluke that was surely released. Like I mentioned, it could break loose at any time! Sea Ya

E-mail Reports:

4/25/00:" Hi guys, went to Stone Harbor last night we caught 12 stripers 3 keepers rest were close. We decided to hang around during daylight hours and we caught 17 flounder, can't wait until May 6. See ya, good luck. " ~Frank Ruczynski

4/24/00:" Deck Hand Dick and I fished the Golden Eagle out of Belmar and loaded up on all the Mackerel we wanted. Many were on the big side. Since they went by Little Egg we needed to go north and meet them there. The Capt and crew on the Golden Eagle are first rate. " ~Gene

04/24/2000:" Hey to all the fellow die-hards who take fishing to the next level. I'm a first time reporter, but it's important!!! I am writing to confirm the tiderunner action at local hotspots. If you know how, when and where to catch 'em, I promise you will, but please remember to limit your catch before you catch your limit, these beauties are big and fat for a reason! Good luck and fish with a conscience. " ~Saltmeat

E-mail Reports:

4/24:"Went to the point Easter and fished for about 5 hours-not one nibble except I caught one 2-pound blue. Ken and I are doing well on bass elsewhere," ~ Janet

4-24:"Reuben Tried for weakfish in Grassy. not tonite. Did catch my first fluke of the year both around 18 in. We'll try later on this week. " ~Reuben

4-21-00:" You know there are a lot of honest fishing boats out there trying to make an honest living. If Captain Pete of White star portrayed the trip on 4-21-00 to be a "plenty of fish to be caught out here" then he had really taken us for a ride. My nephew was out on that boat on 4-21-00 and he caught nothing but a cold. There were many others who came home empty handed. Only the lucky few had a fish. It's ok if you caught no fish but don't try to deceive us by saying there were lots of fish. " ~Howard Jenkins

4/15to23rd/00:" HI Guys,After purchasing 15 dozen of your super worms and the two Shimano 6500 baitrunners Kev and I have been hitting the Delaware daily. I'm happy to report it looks like the best striper run in memory. We have caught too many stripers to count. The largest was a 39 inch heavy. We caught a pair of 36 inchers and a 35. Dozens of them around 29 to 30 inches. only a handful of shorts. It seems like 29 to 30 inches is the standard. The 15th was opening day of trout here in PA. but you would have thought it was opening day for stripers as we were shoulder to shoulder along the river.

4/21/00:" Well Friday a day off, nothing better to do than fish. So I did. We went to Brig. beach and caught my first two stripers this year. A17, and a 251/2in. Time to go back and try for more. " ~ Bob D., S.J. Squid Hounds

4/22/00:" Where Fished: Brigantine Bridge
Weather: Cloudy
Wind: less than 10 kts.
Sea Conditions: less than 2 ft.
Report: Went back to the bridge today to see if lightning could strike twice, and it did! Another two keepers between 10 & 12 lbs each. Conditions were almost identical. Used fresh cut herring this time instead of clam. Tight lines everyone..." ~Thomas Caterina

Friday, April 21, 2000 /\/\/\ 7:10pm
Hey...what can you say about a day like today. Wet and windy. Still didn't stop the anglers. Those hard core guys were down there for way to many hours for very slow fishing. One reported weakfish and one short bass were the catch of the day. The weather was right for striper fishing with the wind blowing right against the bank, but the water temperature dropped back to 50 degrees and the fish got lockjaw. Think spring harder, 'cause it still feels like March out there. Weather is supposed to be a little bit friendlier tomorrow, but the wind is still gonna blow. At least there are no gnats! Beware, any day now the wind will stop and we will be complaining that there isn't a breeze to keep the bugs away. Get used to it, we just can't win. Stay warm, stay dry.....Sea Ya