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 Inca Music
The Incan language was based on nature.  All elements of which they depended on and even some they didn't were give a divine character.  They believed that all deities were created by an ever-lasting, invisible, and all-powerful god named Wiraqocha, or Sun god.  The King Incan was seen as Sapan Intiq Churin, or the Only Son of the Sun.  The most important temple for the male deity is Qorikancha, which can be identified with gold. Wiraqocha's partner who was considered the moon named Killa has a temple near Qorikancha.  It is suggested that the Incans practiced fasts and prayers. There was also a concept of sin.  They gave offerings such as food, Aqha (alcohol made of maize), llamas, etc.  There is controversy about human sacrifices, some Spanish priests believe children were given to the gods under special circumstances. Now days the ancestral religion is suffering many changes due to commercialization brought by tourism. 
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