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 Inca Music
In the incan language, Quechua, their empire was known as Tawantinsuyu.  This means "land of the four quarters."  The empire and all four of the quarters which it was divided into met at the Incan capital Cuzco, Peru in South America (Ogburn, 1998).  Today, pieces of the Incan empire still remain in different areas of the central highlands of the Andes.  The Incas were a vast group, and the strongest of this were located in the highlands.  By 1532 they had an accumulated mass of land that spanned from the Pacific coast across the Andes to the Atlantic coast and from central Chile to Ecuador ("When Pizarro," p. 1).

Here is a map of the Incan Civilization at its peak (Ogburn, 1998):

Incan Civilization at its peak

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