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Thoughts By Myself



                 As a change of pace I have decided to start a thoughts section on this website.  I will express myself here and tell you (the readers) about the follies of the world around me.  SO READ IF YOU ENJOY, READ, READ, AND READ!



·4.12.01- This is my time and not yours, so listen and maybe we can play the field correctly this time.  We need to get them after halftime because that is when they’re weak.  I like weakness in the enemy, easier out there.  So if you do not want to fail how about you work for the one thing you don’t have, respect.  Now go out and win that spelling bee!


·4.11.01- The only time we drive is when it’s dark and the windows are down.  That is how it works.  Now I cannot go get my breakfast burrito down at the fast-mart.


·4.10.01- May change, may change.  For bettor or for worse this will still be the worst to my ability for I am king among greatness and a plebian according to effort.  Goodbye I must share my secret with the leaders of the world.


·4.9.01- Goodbye primetime television, I hate you.  Take your Ally McBeal and Friends and go back to Hollywood where you came from.  I don’t need a terrible, comedic, supposed editorial on my life.  Give me a warm bath and a book.  Well replace the shower with a couch and the book with the TV.  Wait…


·4.7.01- Late at night watching infomercials.  I have to buy it.  Even if it does not work on the commercial, OH HOW I WANT IT.  A product that removes old person smell- good enough.  Secrets to success, and how to use the government to your advantage- I’m game.  Where is my credit card? Maxed out.  Time to sell a kidney.


·4.6.01- So much press around the whole US spy plane fiasco.  Why can’t communism be off in it’s own place?  Do people really think it is going to spread around the world until freedom and self-worth will have no presence?  Dear god I hope so (kidding of course).




·4.4.01- I saw the commercial for that show ‘The Weakest Link’.  Did they the British Janet Reno to be the host.  I expected a low-tone, manly voice coming out of that woman’s mouth, but instead there was a shrill, “as if” voice coming out.


·4.3.01- Camel chin, do you have a bin?  That sounds like the blur tune with the beetle bum, I like that song, good song.  Well speaking of camel chins, has anyone ever seen some with a camel chin?  Very funny.  They have the little indent on their chin and grow a little blond goatee on it.  Well anyway, it kind of looks funny, like they’re a camel.




·3.26.01- What is the best way to show you hate a student?  According to my teachers from the past sending you out in the hall for all to poke and prod as they pass.  It is like the religious prisoners in Rome carrying the crucifixes with citizens throwing stones at them (of course less dramatic though).  I could only wonder where those teachers are now.  I hope they helped someone in their studies.


·3.24.01- I was in a happy mood, then it was gone, I asked where it was, but they said you’re alone.  It is terrible how a tyrant of a force can crush a mood.  Waking up in the morning with a smile on your face thinking of that fleeting moment of freedom you had during the weekend.  Crushed with the report set on your desk waiting for you.  Help me be the one who doesn’t put up with this crap!


·3.22.01- Passing gas in public.  Acceptable or not?  I cannot tell I have not done it for years and years in public but for one time I did and lord was I embarrassed.  Crawling in a hole, that is what I would have liked to do, but then I thought god would it smell in there!  Methane gas “passed” by other people is already circulating in our atmosphere, WHY DENY IT?  Well, all I know is when I was in grade school there was a boy he we teased for passing gas in the middle of class, I AM SORRY!  I was a jerk and I have found the error of my ways.  You do not need to wait until you get home to relieve yourself of this constraint on your belly, go in public, and if other people don’t like it they can make a separate room for people who believe in the movement.  But I won’t be with that movement.


·3.21.01- I said on the main page of this site, I have been on vacation.  And man am I peeved about so much, there is so much to work with- airplanes, jetlag, food, the rudeness of people from other countries!


·3.21.01- Why, do these flight attendants always wake you up for a simple question you would have said no to anyway?  I do not some orange juice that tastes as if it was kept under a radiator.  The stupid woman should go back to your seat and rag on the other passengers.  But I saw Billy Elliot on the plane and that was quite a lovely movie that was!


·3.21.01- there is only one thing to say about jetlag- it sucks!  Sorry for the frankness of my comment but it does.  I found myself napping for the first time in many, many years.


·3.21.01- and last, I encountered the rudeness of a group of people from a country I would not like to divulge at this moment.  Talking about me as if I was dirt.  Snobbish they were and I got them back.  All they remarked with was “Oh, they’re getting nasty!”


·3.8.01- someone called me vain today.  It left me thinking- “why the hell would someone call me this”.  Hopeless am I?  You can go sit on a rock for all I care.  Although I am useless and ineffective it should not be said to me.  Vain you are for saying that to me!  Spend all of your time calling other people vain.


·3.8.01- I also went to a tacky restaurant the other day and pretended it was my birthday.  Quite easy it was.  And I am happy to say I felt no resort for the money they spent on a balloon and the amount of time it took them to sing “happy birthday”.


·3.8.01- I am sick of these Internet providers.  F***cking AOL keeps me off the Internet.  Maybe I should switch.  But it is so difficult to do that god dammit.  I hate it!  Updating this website I was and it says connection lost.


·3.8.01- speaking of the Internet.  I was told there was no dial tone on my line.  It seemed that there was another person on my number.  I picked up the phone and said (while two women were talking):


“They always screw with the lines, always!”


Although the phone people came and fixed the problem it still baffles me and also pisses me off!