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My Own Self Worth


†††††††††††† I go to bed.Close my eyes only for the next 8 hours or so.Held tight within the confinements of my sheets I drift off and go into a mindless dormant†† state.

††††††††† I am in a slave auction but if there was one in modern Madrid.Shoved onto the wooden platform the fat slobs next to me shove me even further with their long wooden sticks.There were about five of us standing there as if a person was going to throw us feed and put is behind chicken wire.They put me up first, bound and shackled and a hand goes up.Pushed on to the dirt this person takes me to his large truck and tells me to stay still or he will shoot me, better off.After a lengthy ride I found myself in a large ranch.I am relieved of the tight rope that bounds my body and taken to a small shack by three other large men.When in there I see many hooks and carving-type tools.I see a vision of a sharp blade and finally see a rural vegetable stand.In the corner of a slightly large tent near the stand are my carvings for a miniscule 17 cents.



Theme of Dream:


†††††††††† Maybe it is a true realization of the affect that the human race has on the Earth or how much I mean to Earth.Or it could be the realization that the meat of a human would be less than that of a cow (I donít know about anyone else but I am pretty tender).