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           Eyes tight.  Sheets tucked.  Dreams eminent.  Off to bed I go to await the crazy adventures I shall have.

           I am in a type of highschoool history class discussing the events in my life.  On the blackboard are notes about my family and my relationships with them.  But what was most disturbing was the subject we were discussing- my strange and mysterious death.  It seemed I had survived a dangerous warehouse fire but later was killed in the hospital I was being treated at after the fire.  Looking back on this incident everyone in the classroom seemed sad of what had happened to me, as if I was a person who changed world culture and would have more so if I had not died.  A type of sordid, scraggly-haired, and dim student stood up and asked:


“Why would someone kill such a beautifully calm and placid man who changed the word”



Theme of Dream:


            It could be the opposite of what is to befall me in the future or a type of sub-conscious goal I have set for myself.  I will never be able to tell without psychiatric analysis.  The only part that really confuses me is the type of death I suffer in the dream.