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S O S: A Biography

What a long, crazy adventure it has been... Standard of Society, as we are now called, all started back in 1997 when Andy, Doug, and Derek started a band called "Johnny Star and the Chicago Suns". We played as a three piece pretty much just styling ourselves after Weezer, Nirvana, and whatever else we heard on the radio. Adopting the name "The Superficials" we continued at as a three piece, gradually changing from an "alternative" band to a crappy pop-punk band, for about a year when we picked up another guitar player named Jamie. About this time we started covering Rancid, Screeching Weasle, and Shower With Goats. Jamie stayed with us for about a year and in this time we had established ourselves in the Central Pennsylvania locak punk scene. An unfortunate mishap occured and for reasons that aren't worth getting into Jamie left the Superficials, and we picked up our other guitar player Tony. Since Tony started we recorded our cd "Miseducation of a Generation" and really started to get established around the area. Playing countless firehalls (most of which they have asked us to never return due to the roughness of the crowd). We have been redefining our style of music from a pure punk form to a more sophistocated almost "rock and roll" with the same energy that is associated with punk music. Fate dealt us a card since we started in Central PA, which is not the most hospitable place for a band that has aspirations of becomming something more than a local conversation piece. Don't get me wrong CPA has treated us well, and I will represent CPA till the end, but as more and more places that held shows got shut down, or refused to let us play our options grew more and more slim. So here we are in 2001 which finds us busting into the Pittsburgh scene. And with the upcomming recording sessions scheduled for august we will have a full length cd by september (we hope to fish around for a record deal). I would just like to tell you how much we appriciate and love our fans back home, especially the people that have supported us from day one, you guys will NEVER be forgotten. Thank you!

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