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This is a page of favorite Links that

I have created for you to visit

(please enjoy)


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   Precious Child (A beautiful song from Compassionate Friends)



Lady J's Memorials

Newspaper article April 9, 2001

(Heidi's memory alive on net)

Angel Hugs for bereaved parents (Heidi is here)

Friend's in heaven photo album (Heidi is here)

We don't understand why...We can't grasp the reason

(Newspaper article   December 17, 2000)

Angel's Remembered (Heidi is here)

  Candle Lighting


Gift Plates by Steele Graphics

New Years Tribute (Heidi is here)

Angel Moms (Heidi is here)

Poetry by Kaye Des'Ormeaux

Heartland Hallmark's  Award Page

My Mom and Dad are Survivor's

(Compassion Award)










The song playing is

Stranger on a Hill

Fantasy Music  from Bjorn Lynne