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Love begins with a smile, grows 
with a kiss, and ends 
with a tear. 

We miss you so very much Heidi...Our precious little girl!

Forever Loved ~Never Forgotten


The above  animation  was  made by Heidi's

brother, Scott

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 Heidi's  Family

This dolphin globe was made by a wonderful lady named Bonnie,

Carollee (Heidi's cousin) wrote and told her that Heidi loved


She has dedicated this site to Heidi...

Thank you Bon and thank you Carollee!

Heidi loved dolphins!

Everywhere We Are...

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When God calls a child

to dwell with Him above,

We mortals many times

question the wisdom of His Love.

For no heartache compares

to the loss of one's child.  A child who

made so much of life in this world,

seem wonderful and wild.  Perhaps

God tires of calling mostly aged to His

fold.  So He picks a blooming rosebud,

before it can grow old.  God knows how

much we love and need them, and so

He takes but few, Who make Heaven's

eternity, more beautiful to view.

Believing this, at best, is difficult,

however we must try.

The saddest word a parent knows.....

will always be "goodbye."

So when you're child departs,

and it is we who are left behind

We must remember, God

does love our children.....

Angels are hard to find.

~author unknown~

This watch was made for Heidi by a dear friend Kelly...thanks Kelly!  Since Heidi has gone, Time has stood still for Heidi's Dad and I.

I hope that the links on these pages will

help you to remember Heidi for the sweet

and caring person that she was.

For those who didn't know her, I hope that

these links will allow you to get to know

Heidi a little. To have known her was a

great privilege.  Heidi was a very caring

person. She would always bring a smile

to your face.

She was strong and courageous, and stood

strong for what she believed in.

She loved the outdoors, dancing, animals,

sports, hunting, friends, and her

family. She loved from her heart and never

pretended to be someone that she wasn't.

She had a wonderful sense of humor, and

always seemed to put everyone else's

problems before her own.

If she would have thought she could make

the sun shine for you...

she would have given it her all!

She gave us many sunny days

just by being here!

We certainly do miss her beautiful

smile and her funny laugh!

We will never forget the little girl or

beautiful young woman that she became.

I promise Heidi that no matter what...

I will always keep her beautiful

memory alive. This I promise

from my heart.

(Her Mom)

Light a candle for Heidi

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This poem was sent to me by a very special lady...Francine Pucillo...She wrote this poem especially for Heidi. Thank you Francine!


With every candle’s flicker

Her love will come alive

Forever you will feel her heart

It fills you with such pride


The gift that Heidi gives you

Now glows from above

A candle now ignited

Her testament of love.

~ Francine Pucillo~

With all my emotions ~ Francine


Please enjoy Heidi's pages...


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A Tribute to Heidi

Heidi Allyn Reed (about Heidi)

I Live On


A Child of Mine

I Wish

My Dad Is a Survivor

My Mom is a survivor

Heidi and Scott Through The Years

In Loving Memory 

Daddy's Little Girl

Mommy's Little Girl

One Sweet Day

A Million Times


Happy Birthday Heidi 

Birthday Letter To Heidi

My Daughter

In Memory of Heidi

Awards Page

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Awards Page 3

Web rings and Memberships

Heidi and Friends 

Click Here to see the lyrics and hear
"I Never Had a Dream Come True

Gift's that Heidi has received***NEW***

Links (favorite links)

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Imagining Horses

a beautiful poem written by Morrigan /inspired by Heidi

Remembering Heidi

(Our brightest star in the sky)


Sisterly Love

This page is dedicated to Kylene and Heidi and their friends and wonderful friendship...forever best friends!

Heidi's Special Dance


This very special page and poem was created for Heidi by Francine Pucillo. In her poem, she has captured Heidi and created a very special page. Thank you Francine...from the bottom of our broken hearts! You can read more of Francine's poetry here,

Please look through Francine's beautiful poetry pages.


Apply For Heidi's Award

I am always updating and adding new pages

frequently, so please stop by often.


How Do We Say Goodbye?

This page was created by a very special lady...her name is Rose Mary. She is my friend through "forever moms" (a support group that I belong to). It is a very beautiful page. Thanks Rose Mary  (from the bottom of my broken heart!)!!!...Judy (Heidi's Mom forever)
Rose Mary wrote..."she was exceptionally beautiful..     
Click on Heidi's candle (made by my friend Veronica at "forever Mom's" to view Rose Mary's page for Heidi.   

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Angel Friends In Heaven



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The song playing is "Only Time" by Enya...Enya was one of Heidi's favorites.