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Heidi Allyn Reed

March 19,1979--October 28,2000

This site is dedicated to Our Wonderful Daughter, Heidi and her memory, which We will preserve until the day that we are no longer here on earth, but joined again with our Heidi in heaven. She is Our Brightest Star In The Sky!


May Heidi's light forever shine



A Love Song

The mention of my child's name

may bring tears to my eyes.

But it never fails to bring

music to my ears.

If you really are my friend

please don't keep me

From hearing the beautiful music.

It soothes my broken heart,

and fills my soul with love.

Heidi touched many of us in her short 21 years,

she gave of herself freely, and taught many of

us what love was all about.  She put everyone else's troubles above 

her own, and always took the time to

listen, and make us smile!  She lived life

to the fullest, as if everyday was her last.

If we live to be 100 years old, I doubt

that we could come close to living life as fully,

or touch as many people as she did.

She had a gift--And  just maybe...

she was our angel!