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Sunny Day...Sunny Smile

Let me sit back and ponder awhile,
Open a mental file,
On a sweet gal, nicknamed Sunnysmile!
A girl, who I know has much intuition,
With the power of love to complete the mission,

Born and raised on New England ground,
Ironically, I lived in a neighboring town...
Without a peep, without a sound....
Just touching the keys, look what I found.

Cool as Ice, she seems so nice,
Standing so tall after much sacrifice,
What to say, what to ask?
Hidden behind this computer screen mask.

Just keep pressing keys, maybe I'll see,
This vision I need to set me free,
By some decree, I make this plea...
For now I drift along on an open sea.

Alone I am, I am alone,
Should I pick up the phone
and cast off from this complacent zone?
Questionable thoughts are the ones I sew,
In my mind, row after row...

I'm up to my knees, like a mid-winters snow,
drifting still, all that I know....
For me to find direction,
the ocean's wind must blow.

Corey Farrell
August 4, 1998