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~Rainbows And Moonbeams~

You came into my life bringing laughter and smiles
From strangers to best friends in spite of the miles
You helped me forget the hurts and the lies
The feelings that told me to love was unwise

You brought back the beliefs I had lost with the hurt
You've given me time and words of comfort
You gave back my belief of faeries and wee little folk
Of hearing the voices inside me that spoke...

They told me of new days and nights filled with stars
You've shown me that these things shall always be ours
I watch a star fall and now I can wish
Because your caring for me has given me this

You've taught me so much in so little time
You've given me rainbows of colors that shine
You've shown me the moonbeams and stars in the sky
But mostly you've taught me that love isn't goodbye...

Kat 10/4/2000

Artwork Daniel Holeman
Please visit his SITE for some of the most beautiful art work you will ever see ;-)