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~Seaside Morning~

Ghost ship on the horizon quietly slips by
Soon it is gone, then another one catches my eye
Surrounded by a haze like a giant moist cover
Memories fading like a long lost lover.

Golden orb rising from the sea
Warms my heart and beckons to me
Day is new, the world still all right
This morn so bright after a quiet and dark night.

Waves cascading towards the shore
Knocking on the beach like knuckles on the door
White caps rolling, crashing, turning foamy and white
Washed and smoothed, sand sparkles in the early light.

Gulls floating on breezes that never die
Searching for morsels wherever they lie
Lovers holding hands, hug one another as they stroll
On center stage waves continue their rolls.

The sounds hypnotizing, sights mesmerizing
Smells on the sea breeze so appetizing
Shrieks of the gulls, lovers ever laughing
Creating sights and sounds that are everlasting.

Morning by the sea, no better start for this new day
Time approaches for leaving, this heart longing to stay
Absorbing the sounds, memorizing the sights
Memories storing for recall on long dark nights.

The future could it be?
Today is all well...down by the sea.

ML Dalton 1999