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~ I Give To You ~

Into your safekeeping I place
That which totals the sum of all I am
My feelings, wants and desires
My physical being

To you I have freely given
I have allowed you to enter
Into the place where no one has ever been
Into my heart, my mind and my soul

With you I have belief
The belief that another can be trusted
Trusted with that which is me
Belief that with you I am safe

And in return
I promise with everything that I am
To love and respect you
To hold all that you are safely in my hands

I have given my heart to you
And in return
I shall hold yours
For together they beat as one

Kat 2001

"True Love"

I give to you and you give to me
True love, true love.
So, on and on it will always be
True love, true love.
For you and I have a guardian angel on high
With nothing to do but to
Give to you and you give to me
Love forever true.

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter