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An Evening Prayer
An Evening Prayer I think of you often and write every day in my heart But there is so very little worth-while to say It either rains or not or it's hot or cold The news is uninteresting or else it's all been told But the one thing that matters is the fact you are there And I'm all alone here with-out you and that makes it lonely everywhere as I kneel beside my bed at the close of another day I lay my head in my cold and weary hands and then to Heaven above I pray Dear God, unworthy as I may be I sak one thing of you in this prayer of mine Bless the one I care for tonight and help her to remember me For tonight I can't be by her side and take her by the hand And tell her how much I really care and make her understand my feelings Help me to keep me in her heart until we are together For even though we are miles apart my feelings for her grow stronger And with You telling her I know she will understand   God, I know you will bless this prayer and also bless her too more so For she is the one lady in this world that my feelings grow for each new day Amen ELWhite 1995 Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!