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Different Paths

When two people meet and fall in love

No matter what direction their lives have taken

They find that now the paths they were on lead to the same place

A place where someday they will be able to spend the rest of their lives together

As time goes on sometimes one isn't so sure of the path they are on

Which means that somewhere along the way they took a wrong turn

Or maybe they've decided that the path is too steep and too long

Maybe the strength of their love wasn't as strong as they imagined

Whatever the reason, when one questions the direction the path has taken

They have also questioned the strength of their love

And once that question is asked their love will never be the same

Once they have doubts of staying on that path

Death of love is not far behind

In true love the path you've chosen to take with someone is never questioned

No matter how rough the path, and how long the journey

There is never a question of whether you will continue on it

For if you truly love you find that the times when the path is the rockiest the love is the strongest

And together they will make it through

Looking ahead I know I don't want to travel that path alone as I am now

And I wonder, if while you stand there questioning

If the time has come for me to travel on to someone whose hand will always be there

Whose heart will never question

And who will know with surety that they were meant to travel the path to the end

With me...

K.J. 1999

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