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~I Don't Want To Go~

I think I hear Death calling...
He's knocking at my door.
With hand outstretched to take me
Away for evermore.
I'll miss the evening sunsets,
Storm clouds of threatening gray.
Soft warm breezes blowing.
The promise of a new day.
Flowers of all colors.
Family, friends and the Internet.
My faithful pets.
All the interesting people
I've not met yet.

Why ME, God?
Why not some"bad" person,instead?
Why do I have to suffer
While evil ones get ahead?
I don't wanna go, God.
That's IT and I'm telling You true.
Why,I'm just too young to be leaving!
I thought I'd live to be 92!

I promise I'll be REALLY good, God,
If you give me a few more days.
I'll say my prayers morning, noon and night!
I'll sing Your name with praise!
I'm scared, God.
Time's passing so quickly!
There's so much I'd like to do.
Can't You give me a little more time, Father,
Til You call me to be with You?

My Friends, please don't shy away
I'm still the same me I've always been.
I am getting more tired, now.
It's harder to summons a grin.
Just treat me with love and kindness.
Joke as you always do.
You be brave for me.
And I'll be brave for you.

Please God, help me to accept this.
The decision is Your's, alone.
In my darkest hour will You take my hand
And lovingly lead me Home?

Claudia L. Rexroad
May 19, 2001

For God so loved the world
That he gave his only begotten Son,
That whoever believes in him
Shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

"Sand Song" composed and performed
Don Carroll