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Search Engines

Welcome to a place where I spend a lot of my time. ;-) Not because I'm overly studious, more because I'm always lost, and on any given day I will probably have to use at least one of these little magical tools to find out about some odd little idea that has managed to live in my brain among the cobwebs and dust.

Hope you can find what you're looking for here.. I myself am just looking for the way out... ;-)

Search Web Search

All-In-One Search Page

Direct Hit

Far And Wide

Search Engine for Health and Medicine

Health On The Net Foundation Search


Merriam Webster Online

Midi Search

Music Robot LYRICS Search

Music Robot MIDI Search


Music Robot WAV Search

Netscape Search

One Across Search

People Finder

Search People - The world's largest search engine directory
                                      The world's largest
                search engine directory                 

Shahram's Search Engines

The Front Page

The Switchboard


Web Search For Women