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Kid's Links

This page started out for tiny tots, but now since all my roaming around it covers from Preschool to High School. I'll try to break it down as much as I can, but knowing me it will probably still be confusing. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them together. And playing them. :-) So here goes...Let's see what we get..

Young Children

This LINK is for Parents. Please read this. And better yet... Try and live by it...

Alpha Songs

Animal Guessing Game
Berit's Best Sites For Children
Up to 12 Years

Billy Bears Playground
Build a Monster
Kids Domain
Kid's Song Lyrics
Mr.Rogers' Neighborhood
PBS Kids
Sesame Street

Older Children

A Bear Named Boy

All About Hopscotch
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Cathy's Picnic
Discovery Channel

Emmett Scott's Cartoon Corner
Enchanted Learning
Grammar Help
History Of The United States
Homework Help
Judy Blume's WebSite
K-12 History On The Internet
Kid Info
LHS Kids Corner
Math Flash Cards
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Surfing The Net With Kids
Surfing With The Bard
Understanding Shakespeare

The Exploratorium
Time Magazine for Kids
Wacky Web Tales
Search Engine for Children

Star Tribune Homework Help
YES Mag Science Projects

Assorted Ages

Games for Learning

Kids Corner
Games for Webtv

Robbies Games Galore
WebTv 4 Kids


Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

My Body Is Private
Tell Me A Story
The Complete Works of
Hans Christian Andersen

"Whootie Owl's Stories To Grow By"

I Have No Clue Where To Put These ;-)

Encyclopedia Central

History of Daylight Saving Time
How Stuff Works
Hubble Images
John Glenn
Museum of Paleontology
NASA Live Cams
Kennedy Space Center

National Audobon Society
Sky Watching Center
Talk City
Youth Online

Vocabulary Quizzes
Top Jr. High level
through College

Wonderful World of Insects
Guide to Zoos and Aquariums