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Giggles n Games

I'm not saying I'm in bad health,

When I die
I'm donating my body to Science Fiction ;-)

Come on in, grab yourself a SNACK, mix yourself a drink and make yourself at home and have fun ;-)

Being from MA I just have to put this in.. And it's true, Only In MA could this

Court Quips

And to go along with that we have...Dumb Laws

All Funny Pictures

Boy's Age Gauge

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen

Brain Candy

Brain Food


Darwin Awards

Deepspace9's Game Collection


Fun With Linky and Dinky

Funny Pages

Ha News

I Love A Good Laugh

Insane Pictures

Internet Anagram Server

Internet Pizza Server

I Should Be Working

Kitty's Daily Mews


Laugh Net

Laugh Zone

Life Expectancy

Net4TV Game Center

News Of The Weird

Not In My Backyard

Nutty Pics

Online Games
Bill Kendrick Time At Work

Pazsaz Entertainment Network

Psy Tests

Purity Tests Fun

Robbies's Games Galore

Sanity Test

Satire Wire

The Cartoonery

The CZ Bad Libs Game

The Death Clock

The Stupid Gift Shop

The Truth Game

Trivia Collections Of Unusual Facts

Useless Knowledge

Was Arrested-URL Builder

Weird Stuff You Can Do At Home

What Day Were You Born On?

Who Wants To Be A Mllionaire-For WebTV

You DON'T Want My Ex

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