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< TO REDIRECT put this between /title and the > COLOR CODES

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This is a horizontal rule, no shadow
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Html Odds and Ends

To help computers with our messages write html at the very beginning and noembed at the very end of your message.

1..animated gifs may not work, or page will be very slow. They may even slow down some functions. not use a lot of text on a scrolling background, it is very hard to read. Scroll Horizontally: Scroll Vertically: Scroll Diagonally: To change directions change the values to a minus, xspeed=1 becomes xspeed=-1 You can set the speed values higher, but the page is rather jerky, does not scroll smoothly, recommend using the lower values.

"bar" across your background. This is what you had at the top of your code:
Put that right after at the top, and it should make the "bar" invisible. Put all your other codes after that, and before
To change the color of the links in your email sig? phrase ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
To make an email link...

This is a 100% double background free. Use the following: <body backgound=http://bg-here> the rest of your text and image here but instead of using

use the
      tags as many as you need.
        is similar to
        tag but works on adding space horizontaly For some reasons it helps... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Picture Edge

        < /center>


        Another spacing code, ideal for larger spaces, is the tag. It's format is . This tag will result in a space 55 pixels in length like thus, . You can fiddle with the size to achieve the desired space needed. As you may deduce, you can also do vertical spacing using this tag. Just replace the type="horizontal" with type="vertical." This method is especially valuable in instances where the browser will not recognize a series or string of paragraph

        &/or line break
        tags. Sometimes the browser will ignore the string of tags & treat it as maybe only one or two such tags, regardless of how many you use. The spacer tag is a bit versatile. In the instance where you want a large area of "white-space", you can use the block attribute. It's format is . This is the spacer tag we just used here. Well, actually, we modified it a bit by adding the attribute alignment="right." Like image tags, the alignment attribute can be used with the block spacer tag. The "alignment" should be either LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, TEXTTOP, MIDDLE, ABSMIDDLE, BASELINE, BOTTOM, or ABSBOTTOM. If you place a
        tag before & after the spacer tag, you get the following effect. Note that the height & width attributes are required for the block spacer tag. The alignment attribute is only used with the block spacer tag. The size attribute is used only with the horizontal or vertical spacer tag. Preformatted text   "There are times when you want your text to appear just the way you have typed it. You can do this by placing a

         tag at the 
        beginning of the passage, and a 
        tag at the end. Your text will appear in a fixed-pitch (typewriter) font and retain any tabs, line feeds, multiple spaces, etc. that you may have included. For example:
        There was a young man from 
                 who bought himself a new 
                         He had room for his 
                             and a gallon of gas 
                                 but his tie 
                                  hung out and 
        " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        spacing .....  
        Put this in the sig........ Note: you can change the xslideup to xslidedown, xslideright, xslideleft. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        Bkgnd - F Key Saver 4
        If you want to try a different size, just change abswidth="500" to whatever size you like from 1 to 550. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~