IUP Summer Honors Program 2001

~I always knew looking back on the tears would bring me a laugh. I never knew looking back on the laughs would bring me a tear.~

Hey guys, glad to see you made it. I don't know about anybody else, but I had an absolute blast. Most of the feedback seems positive. Now time for a little disclaimer: All the information herein is true to the extent of my knowledge. All the information is public material and was available to myself through both personal contact and also "The Honors Times." If for any reason you would not like any information posted, please contact myself at my e-mail link CRAIG FAISH with IUP SHP as the subject and that information will be promptly deleted. Now, enjoy the memories!

Hey folks, here's a link to a printable/pasteable e-mail list. If you want to mass e-mail people, go here

One more thing, if you just see a name, that's an AOL name. Their e-mail address is that name, then @aol.com. also, that is their screen name. Some of the internet people have screen names posted right after their e-mail addresses. In these cases, this is the AIM screen name. Any other screen name (i.e. yahoo or MSN) is labeled.


www.angelfire.com/weird/deutsches/Iup.html ~ Deutshch's page. I have yet to check it out, but i hear he has some good pic's on there.
http://www.angelfire.com/pa3/jemgirl/index.html ~ Kristina Fritzinger's Page. 4 rolls of film, baby!! (supposedly... ;-)
Where Home Is Hey guys, Megan wrote a poem about SHP. she sent it to me for revisions, but i thought it was perfect. It makes me tear up every time I read it, check it out.
Miscellaneous Pics Hey guys, here are some just miscellaneous pic's from SHP.


_cheeze26@excite.com (Adam),

zelda450@hotmail.com (Alandra),

pintobeep7 (Carly),

Anglfish02 (Joyce),

kaybee12185@hotmail.com (Kayla),

princess_camila@hotmail.com (Laura),

invisibl84 (Lautenschlager),

lovablebaby121@yahoo.com (Mirela),

brocky187 (Phil),

geisgeisbaby@hotmail.com ( Tara),

adkins@nacs.net (Jessica Adkins),

mistofillies@yahoo.com (Laura Agnoni) -- LaurenAguilera ,

mm1825 (Chris Anderson),

gga8901 (George Ash),

badgers@ccia.com (Josie Badger),

pixy4four (Cambria Bailey) *PIC* ~ Sarah Marsala and Cambria Bailey,

Kellen_13@hotmail.com (Kellen Ball),

bekah0316@hotmail.com (Rebekah Bambling)

Bekah Bambling
PO Box 148 Jerome, PA 15937
Phone #: 814-479-2088
I would love to hear from you!
Birthday: September 16th, '84

hey, i'm a two-weeker, so this could be a little longer than the rest of them, but it's worth it
Best memories: there's just so many, where do i begin? ... the fans...hey, we should take their toilet paper at 5, oh wait, what's this i'm stepping in?... the bee, hearing alex say water, me & erin waving at all the hot college guys...they waved back, yoga & talks while guarding the jail, window talking, finding out that jess punched... yeah. that was funny, the soccer game week 1, eric's alien song: earth sucks ass, the dance even though some of the guys were a little hesitant to grind, being a shoulder to cry on, katie corrupting my poor little frog, back massages, hey, you can't take our shower curtains... chillin in the lounge that last night of week 1, making all the guys go outside so i could take a picture at the brunch, picking my $2400 bunch of flowers, beating up jeff, listening to boys play the guitar, doing laundry, being a "firehazard" while eating pizza and not caring, eating pizza outside on the grass, the mexican, making a wish... stealing pillows,
my whole fx class: wow, you guys gave me a whole new metaphysical outlook on life, david's poem, both talent shows...except for those olsen twins, giffy you're freaking hilarious, the making fun of the counselers was cool too, but they were all pretty cool, breaking all the "rules" with our 3:30 meetings, the sleep deprivaton was worth it, watching justin sprint up the steps and matt coming right behind him with his flashlight all in a hurry like they were actually going to do something and us just sitting there laughing hysterically, you guys are cool...
Worst things: crying in front of everyone at week 1 talent show (sorry), failing miserably at trying not to cry while giving my fx presentation and in the process making everyone else cry (sorry), crying by myself when i read my little green notebook... crying the whole way home... trying to say good-bye. missing everybody. eve 6 haunting me.

So anyway, you guys gave me two of the best weeks ever, and you really touched my life. I really appriciate how close we all got, and how everyone knew how to spell my name, :-) I'll never forget you. Missing you forever. ,

eskimoscout003@yahoo.com (EJ Barben),

tylerbarton@hotmail.com (Tyler Barton),

metalmonkey14@hotmail.com (Garay Bill),

Lilreds02 (Sarah Binder)
Journalism kids- wow! what a week. alot of you really impressed and intimidated me b/c of your positions on your papers and the offers alot of you are already getting in the field. i learned alot from all of you, so good luck to you all, kelsey on your magazine, jyoti on rolling stone, kristen on becoming editor-in-chief, and everybody else in everything you do!
Kristen- hahahaha how often did we laugh and laugh and laugh this week...at so many things! it was crazy...hehe. talk to ya later!
Jimmy and Alyse- the king and queen of the pool table..lol. joyce and i came so close! keep in touch!
Ben- have fun wherever you go this summer! DMB rocks and joyce and i will never forget your advice that "any guy who doesn't like to blow things up isn't worth it." keep in touch!
Kristina- how great was our last night there? climbing around on the roof was way better than going down to the gameroom would've been! i am the queen of dares! i cant wait to see those pictures!
physical: i'm 5'2" and have red hair.
activities: i'm going to be a senior and i'm on our track team, in the marching zephyr band, in concert band/choir (i hold leadership positions in each), infinity indoor guard, my church youth group, student council, spanish national honor society and national honor society, and several clubs in which i hold offices. (key, biology, and leo)
likes: i absolutely love the dave matthews band, other groups i like are fuel, sugar ray, staind, destiny's child, limp bizkit, o-town, blink 182, etc. i like to run, swim, play pool, mini-golf, go to amusement parks, chill w/ friends, and i'm always listening to music. i know that's alot of info....so pick and choose what you want on the site! im or email me sometime too...i'm trying to keep in touch w/ as many people as possible!,

pepper_246@excite.com (Judit Borsay),

annie@yeahsports.com (Annie Bowers)
Week 1
Comm Media
From Saltsburg, PA
Sophmore (2004)
AIM: jth654897
email: annie@yeahsports.com
Funniest Memories: feeding Zack applesauce and luxenburg's "the perfect thiiiiiiiiiiing"
Worst Memories: Watching Mara have a near-death experience during capture the flag and fishing for my shoe in the fountain
Best Memories: Post-dance, waiting for the pizza guy with Alandra and Rachel, and Mara walking into the boys bathroom
Favorite web site: http://www.ozmasplace.cjb.net/,

rbradley@cvzoom.net (Rachel Bradley),

KFBrown24@yahoo.com (Kristina Brown), miss_butch@hotmail.com (Jessica Butchy),

jonesing_poet@yahoo.com (Sean Capperis),

sarahj_84@yahoo.com (Sarah Carnahan),

gigglescho (Jenn Cho) -- http://hometown.aol.com/gigglescho ,

Amc0629@aol.com (Anthony Choros)

SharieXmas (Charlene Christman), -- http://hometown.aol.com/shariexmas

Clasko_03@hotmail.com (Clem Claskosky),

FizzChic2001@hotmail.com (Kristen Crandall),

hippiehunney (Melissa Crum),

bgcurtis@geneva.edu (Nathan Curtis),

sassydyer17 (Jonny D.)
I know u guys hated those surveys, but i got one from Jonny D and felt a few of his quptes were worthwhile on the site. the other ones i couldn't legally post in cyber space :-p

5. What is your greatest talent? i can shake my hair like its a whig
6. If you could wake up tomorrow with a new talent what would it be? X-RAY VISION
7. If you had to be in the hospital for 2 weeks due to illness, who would you want to be your roommate? the olsen twins,

adela333@hotmail.com (Amanda Day),

schokwave (Andrew Deutsch)
Hey there all you IUP SHP people, I had a blast out there with you and here are some of my best memories of it.
All the near deaths (and my broken knuckles) from the air hocky games
The seemingly endless games of Bullshit
Hearing about all the liquid nitrogen antics
Watching Craig chase the suirrel for the scavenger hunt
The silverware sculptures
Soda or Pop?
Getting to mess around with chemicals in the lab
Watching the nearly weeklong Risk game
The oh so interesting and informative floor meetings
Meeting all you awsome people,

cr6d@yahoo.com (Christine Dias)-- Chrissy7284,

hang_ten_13@hotmail.com (Jessica Dishler),

dr_dre139@hotmail.com (Dave Engels),

plasticarmymen (Craig Faish)
Well, i didn't have any info up yet. I know you guys have my e-mail address, i've recieved 74 e-mails so far regarding IUP SHP. I know you guys have my screen name (Plastic Army Men) b/c i get countless IM's. I know you guys have my address b/c i've gotten letters (vikki) and postcards (SQUIRREL). if you DON'T know it, it's:

Craig Faish
606 E. Crawford St.
Ebensburg, PA 15931.
I've even recieved some phone calls. for those who don't know that and want to call, dial up (814) 472-8540.
My own personal web-page is http://zmack.to/hamster anything else, ask!
Hey guys, I had such a good time, that's why I made this site. Last year was nuts, but this year was SO fun it'll be hard to beat. I have SO many stories, and SO many jokes, ask if you want to hear any of them, I might have one about you ;-) anyways, here are some of my favorite moments:
Man, that Jonny D was a crazy one. How ABOUT those olsen twins?
Jane's private swimming lesson in the fountain!
Stacy's private lesson too!
My favorite counseler, Joey
The many meals I ate with a vivacious Joey!
Ahh, the BioChem memories, like....Group 8!
AHHH, and finally, the women of Week1!!!!

Some without pic's gotta include: Capture the FLAG!! (it's not a game, it's a religion, and i'm the POPE!), hunting cheetahs! (zack, anthony, kat!e), SUNSHINE!!, the clown, my stand-up (hey, i thought i was funny), the raids every night, up all night thursday, up til 5 or so on friday, GEORGE ~ain't nuthin but a G thang, and just george. Much luv to Jonny D, a fellow partier-hardier. Also to all the friends i had my "moments" with, u ALL know who u were. The Fountain jumping Day 1�. All the 'mandatory fun' and the 'badness' we got into when we went REAL squirrel hunting (Curt-dawg). Cybering in the computer lab with stacy :-p, Also squirrel hunting at 3:30 am on friday (chrissy :-p) Ro-rock on guys, hope to hear from all of ya, drop me a line.

s_o_c_c_e_r_c_h_i_k@yahoo.com (Melissa Farrell ~ Phoebe),

PSOZero (Isaiah Fontan),

star9783 (Erica Fontana)
I'm 5'3" with blondish brown hair. I'm going to be a senior at Greensburg Salem High School (that's in Greensburg, PA, about 1 hr. from IUP)...I'm on my school's track and soccer teams, French Club, and NFL (National Forensics League...debate/drama/public speaking). I also work at McDonald's. I like all kinds of music (especially rock/alternative/punk), writing, reading, drawing, snowboarding, shopping, going to concerts, talking online, and hanging out with friends. E-mail me or IM me at Star9783@aol.com or BLiNKnMxPxGirl@aol.com.

SHP Memories:

Well, a lot of interesting things happened at SHP. Here are just a few that I remember...
1) Journalism class...our field trips, writing our articles, and all the "fun" we had trying to get our paper out on time
2) "Mandatory Fun"...especially the scavenger hunt and the squirrels, haha.
3) Jyoti and Ray's "wedding".
4) Listening to Heath's life story at the Chinese restaurant.
5) Going into the "haunted" building with Alyse, Jimmy, Emily, and Jessica.
6) Jyoti's silverware sculptures.
7) The game room tournaments...the "death" sports and "that card game..."
8) Going to the Hub store with Keith, Ben, Dave, and Isaiah...and Keith hitting his head on the elevator, haha.
9) The talent show...it was awesome!
10) Stealing Kurt's pizza in the lobby (sorry!)
11) Going to a place where I didn't know anyone at first, and meeting so many cool people. I miss all of you guys! ,

thepenguinqueen@yahoo.com (M. Fontanese),

the_foxes@msn.com (Mairi-Jane Fox)~ Lady Vixen 15,

ltdgirl000 (Alli Frymoyer)

Address: 4502 Stoudt's Ferry Bridge Road
Reading, PA 19605
E-Mail: LTDGirl000@aol.com
IM: LTDGirl000
Personal Info: I'm not sure what you're looking for here, so...
Age: 15
Bday: 11/5
Grade: 11th
Hobbies: music, tennis, shopping, reading,

nikkle12 (N. Freebourn),

bahamut220@hotmail.com (Kristina Fritzinger) -- jemgirl02,

AFanneRkey@hotmail.com (Laurie Gamble),

sjgammache (S. Gammache),

bbdctrebel_919@hotmail.com (Chris Gehly),

nike2119 (Jamie Geraci),

sparkling_cyanide@email.com (Giffy),

one_winged_angel_777@hotmail.com (Raymond Giorgi) -- arlecchino8

Raymond Giorgi
320 spring valley rd.
reading pa, 19605

todieistogain@hotmail.com (B. Gulish),

mimhake@juno.com (Andrew Hake),

punkrockdiva@yourmom.com (J. Hoffman),

aaronselya@juno.com (Aaron Hollander) -- FirstOne18

douboy13 (Brett Hollinger),

smyles02@hotmail.com (Ashley Hughes)

pen34guin (Heath Hullihen),

nimrod_18037@yahoo.com (Robert Humanick) -- nimrod18037 *PIC* ~ Rob Humanick and Heidi Dunkelburger,

dave_the_scribbler@yahoo.com (D. Hunter),

ELImler (Emily Imler),

seanire@hotmail.com (Sean Ireland),

wild_chic1220@yahoo.com (Stacy Isaacs)

Stacy Isaacs
10 North Front st. Apt B-9
Coplay Pa, 18037.,

NoseDive85@hotmail.com (Ben Isabella),

KAHS_princess@hotmail.com (Mara Iverson),

badeena24@yahoo.com (Kari John),

jesusfreak_2003@hotmail.com (J. Johnston),

mooneshyn9 (Alyse Katz),

Katie_kimble21@hotmail.com (Katie Kimble),
babyblue_0115@hotmail.com (Katie Kimble),

sweetdahb (Deb Klodowski),

kirkus11@excite.com (Kirk Knappmon),

ekreckel@hotmail.com (Erin Kreckel),

katiekrise@hotmail.com (Katie Krise),

burstintoflames4@cs.com (Megan Kustra)

Megan Kustra
1811 Hill St.
McKeesport, PA 15132
BurstIntoFlames4@cs.com, longblacksatinlace4@hotmail.com
AIM: BurstIntoFlames4
MSN IM: longblacksatinlace4
YAHOO IM: longblacksatinlace4,

salatticum@hotmail.com (Victor Lan),

pinarelo19@hotmail.com (Scott Landley),

wunderskwirl (Vicki Lang),

Taralentz@hotmail.com (Tara Lentz),

foosmarigold@hotmail.com (Melinda Lewis),

alfro1977@hotmail.com (Alex Lloyd)

autumn@koffeemail.com (A. Magiske),

margaret_85@hotmail.com (Jenna Maiuro)

Jenna Maiuro
203 Cartee Street
Coudersport, PA 16915
(814) 274-7493
icq- 27452970
im- magnolia085,

Socrcutie08 (Sarah Marsala) *PIC* ~ Sarah Marsala,

Week 2

I can't say best and worst memories b/c everything I brought back from IUP was wonderful. Nothing was bad for me, only saying goodbye. Thank you to all the people who made my week so incredible. All the kids in the journalism class, I love you all and we really did put together a kick ass paper in 2 very short, yet LONG days!! Now my personals. . .
*Lauren*- thanks for listening to all my crazy stories and dumb jokes and always around with a smile!
*Zachary*- my ESE, what can I say? I so raped that sub!
*Jeff (Gee-off)*- the pow-wow was so me and I definitely miss our night in the Mexican. Thanks for being there when I needed you.
*Anjum*- holy BADNESS, I'll definitely miss you more than words can express but the beach will be awesome and full of BADNESS!
*Katie*- just listen to the lucky penny!!! and never forget our convos DURING class online!
*Cambria*- my savior of the week, I'm so glad you were there for me and thanks for listening all those times I came to you with tears :)
*Johnny D* (my baby) so yea, your hot, I promise we will go to an NSYNC concert together and I can jump on JC for the both of us haha. Your too adorable!
*Andrew*- I know the week didn't turn out how we had planned, but you'll always be in my heart, my thoughts and my life, I love you.
*Adam*- wow, you were always there when I needed you, as soon as I turned for a huge hug! You have no idea what that meant to me and I'll always treasure the times we spent learning more and more about each other. It was so hard to say goodbye. . .
*Andy*- thanks for opening up to me and listening about who I am, "when you go places like this you always know you'll keep in touch for a while but there's always one person you want to talk with forever, they are special and you need to make something special with them. . . "

rbrite117@hotmail.com (Kristen Marsh)
AIM: kristen 676 15 and rbrite117
MSN: rbrite117@hotmail.com
Yahoo ID: rbrite117
Webpage: http://kornsista56.boltpages.com/kornsista56/
Email: rbrite117@hotmail.com
Memories: Well I will never forget going to Giant Eagle with Lindsay and her getting her groove on in the store..haha, going to the cafe' with Molly and Melissa and having such a sofisticated talk. All the journalism peeps and how it only took us about 2 days to get that paper done and what talent we really had, doing "crazy witch craft" and playing cards with lindsay, molly and amy..haha and everyone else I didn't mention. The whole week was filled with great, wild n' crazy memories! ,

slm27@hotmail.com ( Sara Mazzarella),

sarah@lockhart.com ( S. McMillan),

katem7@hotmail.com (Kate McCullough)
1st weeker!
history class!
funniest moments: when adam called the feminist fembots and feminazis! and when julie the counsler was using imaginary weapons to kill people in our historiy class! and everyone sleeping and hitting them with paper. when we found the water gun and craig,zack,adam,curt, shot me got me all wet! starting the pranks with phoebe! craig jumping in the fountain! the shaving cream fight on the 5th floor!
BEST MOMENTS: hanging with my history buddies in the libary! hanging with the girls in the 4th floor lobby! just sitting in the early morning after a prank in the game room with melissa! walking to the fire works with curt and travis. playing basketball with zack and anthony. hanging with bekah and kellen before capture the flag! beating up on pretty boy:) during the soccer game! playing frisbee with scott! plotting at night with the girls and making the ransome signs! oh yeah when the boys posed for the charile's angle picture! and of course the dance!talkign to jon and melissa on the steps one of the last nights. when we hunted cheatahs and when melissa bet zack $5 to lick baby food of his pants and the bench and he did it!~
WORST MEMORY: saying goodbye! and when some of the boys yelled good bye to me out the window! saying bye to phoebe(melissa)

lazyaries (Molly McNamara),

chino_deftones@kidrock.com (Jyoti Mehta)
1) from the journ. class "Status: Printing Blah"
2) ray giorgi's and my (jyoti mehta) wedding
3) the stupid liquid nitrogen squirrel
4) my restaraunt kleptomaniacness (remeber all the spoon and fork sculptures????)
5) the death air hockey matches
6) the beautiful fountain Ray found for me so i could have my picture taken.
7) craig's sexyness in the saran wrap!!!!:),

AGTABM@yahoo.com (Aspen Mock),

elliemae02@hotmail.com (Katie Moran),

Syriansweetie84@netzero.net (Laura M.) -- syriansweetie84

3089 Birch Street
Whitehall, Pa 18052,

parrbarr (Jess Parr)
Jess Parr (the one with the long blonde hair)
week 1 (communications and media class)
email: ParrBarr@aol.com
IM: ParrBarr
-Waking up at 5 am to pull "the pranks".
-Endless Plotting.
-Harold and Maude....what a twisted movie!
-"Lindsey, I think people think we're bitches."
-Explaining where I'm from (Easton)...the other side of PA is like the other side of the world.
-The Soda vs. Pop Discussions.
-How close can you get to a squirrel before it runs away?...Answer:1/2 foot...then you run away hoping the thing isn't rabid.
-Picking up guys at meals.

DEAD2334 (G. Pasquerelli),

partyitup_247@hotmail.com ( A. Patterson),

mjpaahs (Mike Pennington),

teel@enter.net (Eloise Petro),

beautyofthemind1 (Rasheena Phillips),

Lauren6161 (Lauren Roach) *PIC* ~~ Lauren Roach and Craig Faish,

jjr16@hotmail.com (Joe Ronca),

General_tso@hotmail.com (John Rugh),

jimmythehand76@hotmail.com (Jeff Rupert) -- jeff51188

Jeff Rupert
2590 Evergreen Drive
Indiana Pa, 15701
Favorite Memories... Craig singing in the shower... Jeff and Bekah�s championship bout...sitting in the theater during the Mexican...playing pool...one word, pranks...Vito in the stream...Making people believe that Mellissa and I were siblings...PAMPERING ORGYS... Sneaking out at 3:30...South Park and the Man Show....Dumb Videos on MTV2
Least Favorite Memories... Craig singing in the shower...leaving
Favorite quote---Yes you can all say it...Jeff is the man....don�t try to deny it any longer....its useless to resist.-->Mellissa,

iceprincess3617@msn.com (Audrey Rust),

Justine Scanlon - ninernala@hotmail.com or ninernala@yahoo.com -- ninernala

julsy001@yahoo.com (Julia Schillinger),

DoctorJ114 (Jane Scholl),

tiger_eyes70@hotmail.com (Anjum Sharma) -- celica1740
Personal stuff to people:
Sarah M. ::
If you weren't at IUP, I'd have left on the second day! Thanks so much for being sooo sweet and fun! We took badness to the new level! You brought new meaning to "the 6th floor". When they say a picture is worth a thousand words....that comes to my mind every time I think about that one with the fan in front of the door! HAHA!
Johnny D. :: How can I not give a shout out to you? Thanks for that Mountain Dew. Ever find out what happend to the bottle I threw down the hallway?! No teenyboppers....sarah....haha.
Sean C. :: You gave the best back rub ever (piano!). I loved our conversations at IUP, especially the ones on the first day! I'll never forget you!
Ben Smith:: I will cherish those ping pong games forever! Now I can play! Beating you at air hockey was the best (wait, did that ever happen or am I making that up?! LOL!). Ah well, playing with you was so much fun! Thanks for our back-rub-time! ;P
Brandon, Jyoti, and Ben S., I must thank you for the BEST "room keys" war I ever had! Brandon, you are the best drummer I have ever seen and the guy with the coolest hair! But I could still steal your room keys even though you pretty much kicked my butt that day. hehe :)
Gina :: Sorry about G-man. I felt you pain....
Ray :: You should have taken the squirrel....LOL
The Counselors :: You guys were fun! Haha....I should have put you through "badness" the last day. I let you all off easy. And yes, I was a counselor in disguise. :P
Overall :: Thanks everyone! You guys were fun! Although I hated journalism more than anything, I loved the people I met there (YOU!) so thanks for making my time worthwhile! Have a good summer!,

bia331@hotmail.com (Brianna Sheets),

b34soccer (Beth Shoup),

KevBSB4eva@yahoo.com (Janice Shih),

wolvez@worldnet.att.net (Ellen Siengiej),

goddess_14@hotmail.com (Val Simonsen),

Darkside105@aol.com (Dan Sloane) -- snbrdr26,

balletsoldier@hotmail.com (Lindsay Smail),

pyromulder (Ben Smith),

melissa_stahl@hotmail.com (Melissa Stahl),

Kanedoras@yahoo.com (Keith Stevens),

stime34@hotmail.com (Z. Stimely),

adamstover14@hotmail.com (Adam Stovey ~STOVEY~) *PIC* ~ Sarah Marsala and Adam Stover., ,

I know i'm gonna get KILLED for this one.... Stovey and Megan !!

skyemls (Megan Syner)
skyemls@aol.com (Megan Syner-2003)
AIM: weatherchic718
Week 1
Comm media
From Greensburg
Funniest memories: hearing Phil and Adam singing 'Luxemburg..it's the perfect thiiiiiiing'. watching Mara walk into the boys bathroom, Annie getting on some college students' sn and then talking to their friends, the way Jess smelled Alex, watching Jessica throw M & M's in her mouth to get some of the guys attention on the 5th floor, watching Zak and Kellen ATTEMPTING to do yoga, swing dancing with Craig, PLAYING POOL w/ JESS!!!
Worst memories: walking into a half-empty dorm room on the last night, watching someone u like with another girl but that turned good in the end, hearing the lectures in comm. media, thinking Annie was captured and not being able to find her, saying goodbye
Best memories: PLAYING POOL w/ JESS, talking to Kellen and sometimes Jeff from our dorm room window to his, "the laundry room", hanging with "our group", learning to do a Brazilian dance, Tara and David step dancing, Friday and Saturday(week 1), acting as a spy for capture the flag, singing "Hero" as an inspiration to the camp, being comforted by new friends and comforting them, the feeling of 2 close friends staying by my side @ the talent show when I was shaking & crying, having that one shoulder to lean on till 4 a.m, "my older sis",

planet_gooberish@yahoo.com (Katie Thompson),

zoethor2@hotmail.com (Z. Thorkildsen),

zoerainbow@hotmail.com (Gina Tennerelli),

ladykelset@hotmail.com ( K. Volkmann),

babymeg83@hotmail.com (Margaret Walsh),

little_akeley@hotmail.com (Meghan Wakely)-- Wakes16
Hey, it's Meghan (organized the talent shows).
Here's some personal info: I like reading, writing, skiing, long walks, meeting new people, movies, chocolate, and fun. I'm scared of the dark and spiders. My email is little_akeley@hotmail.com and my IM is wakes16. I've got one sis, three cats, and one dog. I took Vitenam the first week and Mind FX the second. I remember the time you took a dive in the fountain to get the volleyball I hit in there. I remember performing the Spartans skit and watching everyone's reaction. I remember the day Bekah Bambling made my whole class cry. I remember watching David Spears and Tara Yurkovitz do stepping and thinking that they were awesome. I remember the day Faith Kroggel had an animal cracker cat and kept telling people to eat her pussy. ,

(Christina Waksmunski ~SQUIRREL)
and for funny stories: hallway picnic on bitch day w/ the girls on floor 5, borris getting vicki's key and both of his shoes stuck in the tree at the tennis courts, stealing brett's shoes in history class, waking up to find craig and curtis in my room at 2:30 in the morning!, constantly getting caught in the boys rooms by matt, and having george hitting on me comin back from the fire works and mike was encouraging him! beta omega's!!! ,

dem0nprincess (Rae Ware),

citra02@hotmail.com (Vanessa Wayne) -- vanessaw7684
and if anyone doesnt know who i am, i was normally w/ zoe, deb, audrey etc, i was in bio.

tdwertman (Kim Wertman ~SUNSHINE~),

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Journalism Week 1

well while i was there, the week pretty much sucked, but now i kinda miss you guys. thanks for the memories... such as: "hey, my name's bekah,too!wow!" makeup art. hallway picnics on bitch day. pizza crust pick-up lines. the felching shmen. "who ate faith's pussy?" mike's bootyliciousness. the honors times crew. my mid-week freak out. bonding over boyfriends. anjee's "you're not dead so who cares if you're in your room" attitude. "oh crap, my roomates gonna die." vicky and the poster. real world party. "shit! we washed them - again!" "why does everyone think we're lesbians?" yoga. white girl dancing. the whore shoes. faith's "secret." clothes swapping. black bra in the hallway. room 506 - and our problems with "angry morning hair" and the wrinkles that wouldn't leave. the white pants tragedy. bed-making. talent show donations. the dance. and ... goodbye. fifth floor girls and sbc 2 - i love you.

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BIOCHEM ~ Week 2

ok guys, something else. I'm gonna put different classes on here. If your from a class and have something for it, let me know. As i'm in BioChemistry and have some stuff, it's first :-p if you guy's have anything else you want, lemme know

BioChem - From: Chad16X Justin's Pic.
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and, for all of you in biochemistry, justin is lying. he is an ass all of the time. its not just his professional facade. ~ Ray

Who can forget all the great memories? Craig's perfect aim with the grape? The squirrel? and the cheese sandwich, banana, butterfly, hot dog, pickle, ice cream cone, straw, paper, pictures, lanyard, and just about everything else. The good ol' boy Jebediah Walter? or how about Ping-Pong?

Professer Bharantha: Ok now class. I'm going to take a picture of you with my digital camera. It cost about 48 million dollars, just like everything else in my lab. Now, i'll save it as a JPEG and you can e-mail it to yourself.
Ben: Hey Jebby, do you know what a JPEG is?
Jebediah Walter: All i know is we use a J-peg back on the farm. We put the J-peg in the J-hook to hold up the J-beam on the barn.
Ben: .......(uncontrollable fits of laughter....)

Pic of class, Craig and the women!
The Squirrel!
Counseler Joey and her favorite student, Craig.
Group 8


hey everyone from week 2 of bio,
here are some of the highlights from the week in bio. on Monday, Dr. brower uplifted our spirits by saying" in a few years you'll be able to watch your grandparents health decline, then 20 years after that your parents will die. then 20 years after that it will be your turn." then we noticed that jonny d was "absent." then well hmmmm the stress test was interesting(to say the least). on Tuesday nothing really happened. Wednesday Dr. humphrey licked the mouse trap to prove it was sterile. he's a nut. Thursday was great. Dr. brennamen started "juicing" the fish then he stuck his finger down its throat. it started to choke. the prof said that was normal. Peter then said "and is it normal for them to throw up blood?" peter almost lost part of his finger to a Cray fish. and on Friday Melissa and Kim were trying to spit on people under the bridge. Josie (and Vito)


As submitted by Rae:

No one in that class can possibly forget how many things we (Jeff) managed to break in one day. If at least five things weren't broken in one day then it was not right. Poor Phoebs got hurt though. What's that smell? Oh yeah the burning eggs that smell like crap! We made pretty fire too. Ice cream was another matter all together. Salt water in soars on hands is painful. Bursting bag open on pants is wet, right Ryan? Oh yeah and the "lovely" prize Sean and Rae got the last day. Everyone wanted those SOOOOO badly. Professor Sowa's WONDERFUL lectures. Look around and almost everyone was ready to pass out from boredom. One last thing: element sentences.

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