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I have this proggie for a while but not sure how it work with another puter until now. I think it is good for THE  NOT SO GOOD  WITH PUTER

Let me explain some about it , and how it work . The name of proggie  is exactly what it will do , you mess up the puter and don't know how to make it back to work like the way it used to be , that is when the Time Machine will be put in use. After you installed it , it will take snapshot the whole puter every other day or so and stored  in  memory , when you put it in use it will restore the puter to how it operated to the date you chose , but watch for Paradox window  (What ever programs installed AFTER the date you chose to turn the machine back it may not be there . If that happen you have to reinstall the programs)

Just keep in mind The Time Machine will restore the way puter operate but not bring back what ever stuffs you deleted and not go to far back  if you don't have to



Download the to Desktop , unzip to C:// or My documents ,go there look for Timemachine folder ,open it double click on SETUP.EXE to install .When done you can delete the zip file on Desktop .Good luck