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Just remember these good times, and keep me close in your heart...I'll be there

The following pictures were sent to me by Heidi's best friend in high school, Kylene.

They were like one...inseparable They called themselves "Salt" and "Pepper"!! 

Heidi and Kylene

Kylene & Kris's 16th birthday party

Abby Gilette, Allison Felix, Kristy Rutter,

 Jen Bolla, Emily McCracken, Amy VanDamia

Kisha Laskowski, Heidi Reed, Casey Evans, Megan Williams

For Spanish Class

(Heidi's name in Spanish is Mercedes

Aubrey Gardner, Callie King

Heidi Reed, Allison Felix, Kriston Hudak, Kylene Porter


Heidi Reed, Kari Masone, Krista Laskowski

They were so proud of these braces!

Amy VanDamia & Heidi Reed

Heidi Reed, Emelia Omn iewski, Leann Pekelnicky              in homeroom

Goofing off at lunch...Heidi has whipped cream on her nose and mouth!

Kylene Porter, Callie King, Amy Van Damia. Heidi Reed, Becky Militello, Lorraine Kramer



A friend is loving, a friend is kind,
a friend will never leave you behind.
A real best friend is always there,
lifting you up when you're lost in despair.
But even when your friend is gone,
and it often seems like you can't go on,
Always remember the joy you shared,
and when you were sad, they showed that they cared.
Then you wonder,
how could I lose someone in a tragedy like this,
especially when it's your friend,
someone you know you will miss.
Even though you loved her so,
because she was so sweet.
You know you'll have to let her go,
because without her Heaven is not complete.

~author unknown~


Best Friends Forever...