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The Home of GSC 12!

6,477 episodes
...and still counting!

***Last updated - 4/16/2018

Recent Updates:

4/16/2018 - Added a few various shows: Survivor 35 and Amazin Race 30, all episodes. Pilot episodes of Star Words and Body Talk, and a few Worplays...before BUZZR's pull. Been slow over the past year, but I'm still here and open for trades!

7/22/2017 - More episodes finally added! See "Recently Added" for all the details. Includes Friday night program blocks from the late 80's-early 90's, The Price Is Right, Blackout, and more!
2/8/17 - A long time coming, finally all the updates from last fall are complete! See "Recently Added" for all the details. Trading is back up and running, however only accepting new proposals on a limited basis at this time.
9/2/2016 - The big summer update is here! The Price Is Right, Scrabble, Wipeout, Bumper Stumpers, Wordplay, and much more! Trading is finished for the year while I get caught up and watch the over 75 hours of shows I have yet to get to. Check back in case I get done sooner than expected, and I'll possibly open trading again before the end of the year.
5/28/2016 - Added Survivor 32 and Amazing Race 28, as well as the The Price Is Right Primetime Specials saluting Survivor and The Amazing Race. Finally done for the summer!
4/9/2016 - Even more rarities added...More High Rollers from 1987 and early 1988, Blackout with Bob Goen, and Bumper Stumpers from 1990! See "Recently Added" for all the new additions.
2/25/2016 - More great rarities...55 new episodes added! Including Classic Concentration from June 1987, High Rollers from October-December 1987, and more Fun House!!! Lots more to come... Also, I spent quite a bit of time fixing a few things. I reorganized the collection onto different pages and fixed some links, which hopefully makes things a little easier to navigate. On another note, any of the "Pyramid" shows are now in the "P" section, and not in the numbers section where they used to be--i.e. $10,000 Pyramid and others following are no longer at the beginning of the collection after 50 Grand Slam.
1/28/2016 - Happy New Year! Finally got the chance to do some minor updates after having moved three months ago. Stay tuned for a huge addition with Classic Concentration and High Rollers '87!

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*I still have Game Show Network, 24-7. I do not yet have Buzzr TV, but hopefully soon!*

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Trading Availability & Guidelines - Find out my status on current trades and trading availability. Also, trading rules have been moved to this page. PLEASE check availabilty before requesting a trade.
My Wantlist - Find out which shows I am looking for in particular.

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Game Show Convention 12 - Your one and only stop for GSC 12, June 3-5, 2004. Find out what happened, and take a look at some great pics!

About Me - *NEW* - Find out some information about me and how I got started in trading.

***Be sure to check out The Family Feud flub page!
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*Since July 2000, thanks to those traded with who have made this collection what it is today:

Brian Schwartz (14)
Chuck Donegan (6)
Greg Brobeck (6)
Greg Garsten (6)
Christopher Bryant (6)
Chris Wannagat(6)
D.C. Lundberg (5)
Jason Cranmer (5)
Charles Hodges (4)
Mark Barrett (4)
Nick Casiano (4)
Sean Davidson (4)
Russ Scottfield (4)
Ryan Vickers (3)
Adam A. Bourre (3)
Matt Kaiser (3)
Joe Raygor (3)
Michael Kriese (3)
Yarnel Nicolas (3)
Daniel Fong (3)
Philip Cousin (3)
Mark Sinsabaugh (3)
Ray Dinally (3)
Anthony Nichols (3)
Joe Madigan (2)
Glen Zimmerman (2)
Nick Johnson (2)
Dustin Dumovich (2)
Aaron Wakamatsu (2)
Paul D. (2)
Steven Thomas (2)
Jon Pleszewski (2)
Zachary Ellis (2)
Chris Nendel (2)
Josh Brasseale (2)
Richard Rhom (2)
Mary Anne Cunliffe (2)
Steve Sadler Jr. (2 - tape giveaways)
Ryan Rinkerman
Jaimal Ware
Ian McLinn
David Downs
Adam Nedeff click here for Adam's page!
"Seņor" Jon Wood
Russ Scottfield
Trent McSwain
Greg Diener
George Anderson
Tammy Warner
Mitch Groff
Robert Homa
James Fabiano
Nick Treadway
Ian Wallis
Brad Jaufmann
Jeremy Mills
Patrick Morgan
John Ricci Jr.
Jason Hernandez
Carl Chenier
Brendan Evans
David Barkow
Michelle Erel
Daryl Trotman
Christopher Yoder
Christopher Clark
Anton Spivack
James Hatten
J. Johnston
Brian Wilson
Michael Wise
Chris Meulen
Mike Klauss
John Cierpial
James Brunk III
Brett Odom
Chris Tuskowski
Dan Sadro
Jeff Jones
Jeff Hirasuna
Nicholas Galvante
Andrew Grieve
John P. Johnson
Christian Carrion
Steve K.
Joe Van Ginkel
Matt Malinoski
Brian Scott
Kevin Young
Paolo Burgos
Brian Hibbs
Tim Sternberg
Glen Mason

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