Basically a few months ago anglefire emailed me saying I had to make my site under 20 Mb of disk space cause that's their new amount they allow users. I brushed it off didn't think they would catch on well they did and basically went and deleted images at random until the site was at 20 mb so the shits done for the moment. However I may throw a little something together for the time being until I figure what I want to do until then check out the links to all the other Philly sites check back here form time to time as well there may be some stuff happening. -graffiti215

-Piladelphia/PA graffiti sites of good sections usually not on sites good stuff of old philly stuff by date
-drinking dynamite-tons of pictures good stuff
-district of damage-another site with lots of philly pictures
-street soldierz-lots of picturess and a cool layout
-silentwrytes-lots of picturess form PA and AZ good site
-always found underground-lots of stuff already and really old rare sruff very nice
-feel the rush-northeast PA site scranton/wilkes barre stuff
-philly art-alot of pictures great site
-610 graff-tons of images form the 610 and 215 areas

Check back frequently for possible updates