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Make Up & Fashion Personality Quiz


Which style of eye makeup do you wear most often or like the best?

Soft & pastel?
Deep muted shades?
Neutral, one or two colors at a time?
Different colors & techniques, intense shades?

Which style of blush and lip color do you prefer?

Sophisticated look with clear non-frosted shades
Feminine colors with lots of shine.
Natural, cool pink or warm peach tones.">
Rich shades with vibrant colors to complement your eye shadow.

If you wear nail color, which colors are your absolute fave?

Soft peach, pink, or nudes?
Clear or slightly tinted, transparent colors?
Understated neutrals
Bright colors to match different outfits

Which overall fashion style best describes you?

Feminine clothing, Vintage styles & accessories
Tailored clothing, Sophisticated styles. Quality Fabrics.
Simple natural, always comfortable
Fashion forward styles. I like creating a statement with clothing

You are being taken out for a special Saturday night. You prefer to be take to;

A gothic mansion for a candlelit dinner.
An exclusive dinner party with writers and artists.
Ride on horseback to a cozy cabin cookout.
A high society gala and be the toast of the town.

You have only a few hours to yourself. You:

Curl up by the fire, drink tea and read a novel.
Shop for antiques, catch up on current events. Volunteer at a local charity.
Take a long walk. Play with your puppy. Cook a special meal for your mate.
Soak in a hot tub. Get a manicure. Read a fashion magazine.

If you had an all expense paid dream vacation, your destination would be:

Tour an English countryside, gardens, cottages & tea room.
Eat a gourmet meal. Stay at a 5 star hotel. Attend a Broadway play.
Go rafting/hiking. Cook outdoors. Sleep under the stars.
Jet off to Paris chauffeured in a limousine. Shop till you drop.

Which type of night wear do you prefer?

Soft ruffled night gowns with matching robe.
Classic silk or satin slip gowns with matching robe & slippers.
Cute long johns, oversized T-shirt, boxers, mens pajamas.
Sexy negligees, teddies in bold colors.

What would you wear to a Saturday fall luncheon with your girlfriends?

Long skirt with ruffled blouse, belt & boots.
Tailored pant suit or turtleneck with wool skirt.
Jeans with button-down oxford shirt or knit sweater, blazer, boots or flats.
Leather suede skirt or pants with leopard silk blouse, lots of jewelry.

What is your dream home setting like?

English country, Laura Ashley accents. Floral and lace. Doll collection.
Traditional, colonial. Classic accents, Country club.
Wood paneling, Oversized couches. Fireplaces. Acreage with trees. Pets.
Luxury penthouse. Housekeeper. Ornate fixtures. Marble accents.




  After you have finished answering just copy & paste into an email for your answers.