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Profile of Diane


Image ~ Style ~ Wardrobe ~ Makeovers ~ Women's Fashion & Grooming ~ Etiquette

As an Image Consulting practice located in Pittsburgh, PA, Diane, Skin Care & Image Consultant, & Image Coach - gives highly individualized attention to clients ranging from 30-year-old professionals to retired grandmothers.

The results?
Diane regularly sparks transformations in which people look 20 years younger, discover a more integrated sense of personal style, or dramatically increase their organization's revenues.

Diane specializes in Women's Fashion, Grooming, Etiquette, & Make Up.

In her more than 30 years as a leading force in the cosmetic and personal presentation fields, Diane herself has provided the leadership that has dramatically increased organizational sales revenues.
She has distinctive in-depth knowledge of the best skills and strategies for increasing your effectiveness in personal presentations and interactions.

Diane’s work is grounded in the belief that it is inner beauty that transforms people, and outer improvements simply allow that to shine through. We are an executive image consulting practice dedicated to helping people look good, feel good, have more confidence, do better in life, and achieve their personal and professional goals


With the advent of TV makeover shows, you have a host of image consultants to choose from as close as your phone book or the internet. But working with Diane will allow you or your group to benefit from these important features:

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