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Seasonal Color Types

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  The Summer Personality:

  SKIN: pink, translucent, smooth complexion, rose-beige or pale beige
 HAIR: white, golden/ash blond, mousy brown
 EYES: misty blue, blue-gray, hazel, gray-brown

The colors of summer are the blues of the sky and sea, and warm deep hues of pink. These hues reflect the heat of the sun and a joyful summer energy. The pink and blue of summer symbolize the masculine and the feminine aspects within us. Both these colors are present in summer people, making them outgoing and adventurous but also gentle and sensitive. Their cooperative nature makes them good listeners, dependable, and good as part of a team. While they may be go-ahead... summer people are reluctant to acknowledge their talents and to give themselves credit. They also find it difficult to express their feelings. Summer people tend to be serious people but with a warm heart and need to build their self-esteem before they can reach their full potential.

  The Spring Personality:

  SKIN: ivory, peachy pink, golden beige, creamy complexion
 HAIR: flaxen and golden blond, golden dard brown hair, gray with yellow tone
 EYES: blue or green, blue-gray, hazel

In the spring, as the sap rises, our spirits feel light and airy after the short dark days of winter. The light soft pastel colors of blossoms help to re-energize us slowly and happily. This season is also full of new life, and its predominant colors are the soft pinks and peaches of spring blossoms and light greens of young shoots and leaves. Spring people are lively, outgoing, gregarious, with soft vitality, laughter, and enthusiasm and full of new ideas. It is as if they cannot contain themselves and so are impetuous. This means that they tend to lack organization and routine in their lives. The natural enthusiasm spring people have for life often results in their trying to take on too many projects at the same time. Although they have boundless energy, they can easily become disorganized. If something particularly captures their imagination, however, they can persevere to reach a goal. They make friends easily and are good humored with plenty of natural energy. Green relates to both the physical and emotional heart. Spring types certainly have an abundance of love to give, but they can also be superficial and fickle in their relationships.

  The Fall Personality:

  SKIN: golden skin tone, tan, golden-beige to deep copper or ivory
 HAIR: auburn to copper, straberry blond to red
 EYES: green-brown, hazel, green

Fall is a time of year when the leaves drop, our energy levels wind down, and e return to earth, while colors deepen and become the rich oranges, golds, and russet browns of fallen leaves. Fall people are earthy characters - warm, loyal, and lovable. Like the unpredictable fall weather, they can change quickly from happy to pensive. Moody and unpredictable, one moment they are outgoing and fun-loving, the next they prefer seclusion and quiet. Fall is a time of movement and change and independent fall people do not like routine of any kind. They are also able to handle many projects at once.

  The Winter Personality:

 SKIN: cool blue or blue-pink undertones, rose-beighe, olive, brown
 HAIR: dark brown, black, silvery-gray
 EYES: clear whites, iris is black, brown, blue, green

Winter is a time of darkness, coldness, and strong contrasts. It's signature colors are the dark silhouettes of trees and the white of winter snow. Winter people generally also have striking coloring, which makes them look strong, self-assured, and in control, but in fact they may be shy and prefer their own company. They are usually quite introverted and have a small circle of friends. Winter people appear cold and aloof, but if we take time to get to know them we will discover they have deep emotions lying below the surface. Winter people have strong minds, are deep thinkers, and often do well in business. They are also loyal, responsible, and reliable in a crisis. Quick at making decisions, they prove to be good organizers and often have positions of authority.


If your Color Match is: Warm
***Your undertones are olive, golden, or golden brown.
 ***You look best in warm colors like orange reds and yellows.
 ***Gold jewelry looks best against your skin

If your Color Match is: Cool
***You have rosy, bluish, or pinkish undertones to your skin.
 ***You look best in cool colors like blues, greens and pinks.
 ***Silver jewelry looks best against your skin.

What about: Neutral Shades?
***Neutral, beige tones generally work
on everybody; they're not too cool,
not too warm, and perfect for all complexions.

Click here for the "Cool" color family.

Click here for the "Warm" color family.



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