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Dark Circles

Tired of your eyes looking like you've been out drinking all night? Nine out of ten people have dark circles under their eyes. Those hideous dark bags of skin below the eyes are a common beauty complaint. Blame it on everything from lack of sleep or diet deficiencies to allergies, sun exposure or heredity. So what are we to do? Skin experts share some wonderful information for concealing those baggy under-eye blues.

* Conceal
The easiest, most inexpensive cure for dark under-eye circles is a good concealer.
To hide dark circles, we suggest using your ring finger to lightly tap the concealer over and under the eye, starting at the inner corner, until it blends smoothly into the skin. If you use a concealer, finish with a light dusting of loose powder for a soft, polished look, except if you are over 40. The powder will only intensify the wrinkles.

* Under Eye Concealer - We like Kanebo concealer ($30)

This lightweight concealer has a silky texture. It contains a silk extract, and Kanzo extract, a compound from the licorice plant that helps alleviate the swelling and dark circles.

* Under Eye Treatment - Clinique Advanced Stop Signs Preventative Eye Cream ($30)
This lightweight cream takes a today-and-tomorrow approach to fine lines: Smooth it on under your foundation, and those annoying little etchings are instantly less noticeable. Sodium hyaluronate helps infuse the skin with moisture, and silica particles that reflect light. Very delicate for under eye skin.

* Treat Your Eyes
The old adage, place cucumber slices over eyes does a great job and is a soothing eye treatment for an instant lift.
You may also use peeled potato skins and/or boiled chamomile tea bags placed in the freezer for a few minutes.

* Treatment
For mature skin, we recommend Alpha Hydroxy-based products that disband dead cells, allowing nutrients to penetrate. Because the delicate skin under eyes has such small pores, we suggest not over-hydrating, which can clog pores.

* Correct
If you're plagued by chronic dark circles, discuss it with a dermatologist about different options.

Dark circles are caused by one of three reasons. Here are a few solutions that work best for each type.

* Bone structure. If you have deep-set eyes, shadowing contributes to the dark color under the eyes. Your best bet: conceal. Look for concealers with yellow undertones, which counteract the bluish cast to under-eye circles.

* Pigmentation. Genetic hyper-pigmentation is the most treatable form of dark circles. Your best bet: Try a lightening cream or talk to a dermatologist about chemical peels or laser resurfacing.

* Vasculature inflammation. Late nights, allergies and nutritional deficiencies can enlarge the blood vessels beneath the thin under-eye skin. Your best bet:
Take good care of yourself! Drink plenty of water, get your beauty rest, eat healthy and don't smoke.

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