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Application Tips


Beautiful Eyes

Color application for eyes:
The eye diagram is divided into three parts to make it easy to understand how to apply the three shades of eye color:
1. Lightest shade - apply from under brows to lash line.
2. Medium Shade- apply on lid.
3. Darkest Shade- accent right under brow bone.
Blush Application:
Feather color slightly downward to just above the hollow of your cheek. Lightly bring forward to just below the outside edge of your pupil.
On a slight angle, bring brush back to top of your cheekbone.
Blend into the hairline.
Color should not extend past pupil or below the nose.
Lip Color Application :
1. Line lips with Lip Liner.
2. Apply Lip liner to entire lip area.
3. Apply your favorite Lipstick.

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