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Your Anti-aging Solutions

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I know you tired of wrinkles, sagging lines, and other signs of "aging", so am I.

Is it your overall look that worries you, or is it that one little area - whatever your answer, we are going to help you put your best face, skin, and body forward.

The most important area are the eyes. As we age, dark circles under our eyes become more prominent. This is usually due to the blood vessels under our skin that is hyper pigmented (darker) due to an abundance of sun exposure.
To fix this, purchase Retinol - a form of topical Vitamin A, that is easily found in over-the-counter products.
This will help your eyes in two ways:
it will fade melanin, the skin pigment that contributes to darkness and it will stimulate the production of collagen.
We suggest you should try Pond's Dramatic Results Active Face & Neck Moisturizer, which is contains Retinol. If you would prefer to have the under eye problem looked at by a doctor and treated, they may suggest the Vbeam which is a state-of-the-art laser that seals blood vessels below the skin without causing any damage.
I personally don't recommend this procedure, because it's very costly and most of our clients can't afford it.

Let us assure you, one item NOT TO PURCHASE when battling uner-eye circles is Vitamin K products.
The makers of such products claim they can lighten under eye circles by "healing blood vessels" that have broken... and control the production of melanin.
Believe me, it's just hype.

The next area of concern for most baby-boomers is battling with the chin area. A lot of women face the dreaded "double chin." "UGH"!!!
The cause of double chins are more frequently found in women who have sun damage, as well as underlying fat around the jaw line. This culprit is also caused by gravity & genetics.

To repair this unsightly problem at home, try a firming cream. These products do not have a permanent effect on the skin and they create tighter contours by firming up the superficial layer of the skin.

The product we is Olay Total Effects Night Firming Cream, found in local drug stores.

PLEASE skip the facial exercises... Jowls and double chins aren't caused by weak muscles and all of that extra excessive motion can actually CAUSE and ACCENTUATE wrinkling.

The Furrowed Brow:
Our at-home remedy for a furrowed brow includes a variety of easy-to-use products...
First, we recommend the product called Frownies. They are adhesive patches that you can apply to your forehead to immobilize muscles while you're asleep.

For this particular eye area, don't bother trying Vitamin A derivatives (aka retinoids). While they are great for taking away fine lines, enlarged pores or splotchiness, they don't affect the muscles that create expressions so therefore, don't fix the wrinkles on the skin.

To hide away the brown spots and fine lines that can appear on the chest area, try Kinerase, a cream formulated with Kinetin. Kinetin is a plant-based hormone which can soften the fine lines and clear up brown spots. This look can be achieved within four to six weeks of use.

There are medical methods for this as well, but the one thing to stay away from is microdermabrasion. It won't do much for your chest as the skin in this area is thin and very dry.

So there are a lot of things you can do to target your body for anti-aging but we want to leave you with two of the MOST important "anti-aging" rules:
1. Wear sunscreen... Don't even bother with other anti-aging products if you aren't also using a sunscreen.
2. Don't smoke... Smoking can cause a premature aging of the skin, which includes prominent lines, wrinkles, and a gray appearance.

Email me today for any questions you may have about your particular anti-aging problems.

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