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Becoming a true Christian
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I was raised and went to high school in a town blessed with fine art students. One day while I was working on an art assignment in my fresman year and walked by a Junior painting a picture.

Normally i would have taken a long glance at the painting, but something caught my eye as i walked by. A devil with a rose and black backround with fire at the bottom and an angel with a chain and a white background at the top.

When i popped the question of asking the talented artist "what does this mean?" He clearly and quickly stated that "you have to work and obey rules and listen to go to Heaven" but, "you can do anything you want, you can have fun and go to Hell."

This maybe true, sure you can have fun here on Earth, you can party, do drugs, and have sex all night long and go to Hell. How to I reply to this great deal of fun? Like this: Earth is not forever, all the material things you cherish will not be in Hell. I am not going to even try and describe Hell, Hell is so bad that not even the most descriptive writers can tell you how horrible and brutal Hell is.

Is about 80 years of fun worth eternity of Horrible pain that is millions of times worse then being burned alive in the hottest fire. In Hell you die, and you die again. You will beg for forgiveness and always ask for help that won't come.

I am not saying that Christians can't have fun, we can , we just can't sin outrageously like many people do.

I made this web-site to spread the word of God to all parts of the world, my only hope is that this site saves at least one person. Even if only one person is saved, my hours of work will be worth it.

Your Friend in Christ,


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