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While doing your research and shopping for Consumer Fireworks, you may come across some terms you don't know or understand. This page will help you know what your going to buy, before you buy it.

Aerial Repeater/Barrage/cake: A device that shoots a string of pyro effects into the air. These can be used in your shows as finale pieces all on their own, as you only light one wick for many shots. Possibly the most crowd pleasing consumer fireworks

Beehive Effect: Sends colored stars swarming around in the air. Very neat effect.

Break: This is when an aerial shell sent into the air breaks open into its specific effect.

Crysanthemum effect: Round effect when the stars burst open from an aerial shell. The stars leave a trail or spoke of light as it shoots outwards

Comet or pearl: A star the shoots from the ground with a constant colored flair.

Drizzle or Rain: Glitter falling like rain.

Fish Effect: Like that of the beehive effect, except the stars swarm outward.

Glitter: Sparkling or small flashing effect.

Palm Tree: Aerial shell pattern that appears as if the stars explode into a palm tree.

Peony Effect: As opposed to the Chrysanthemum effect, which leaves spokes, this round explosion of stars leaves no spokes of light.

Report: The loud noise or explosion that comes from a firework.

Salute: This is the all Noise explosions or big booms that usually occur during the finale's of the big shows.

Strobe: A bright flashing light effect, usually white or silver.

Willow Effect: When an aerial burst burns longer, the falling stars create this weeping willow effect.
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