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One of the major set backs that our state governments have with Consumer Fireworks is how dangerous they are. All though some times I think that the thought of consumer fireworks can be misleading. They are not as dangerous as perhaps everyone thinks they are. In fact, they are very safe if you just follow the safety tips and rules. Almost all of firework injuries are suffered not from firework error, but from human error, or misuse of pyrotechnics.

Follow these rules to make your celebration not only an exciting, fun, happy time for your family and friends, but a safe one as well.

Safety Tips

~ Read the labels and follow them carefully at all times.
~ Adults should always be present when fireworks are being lit.
~ Don't drink and fire.
~ Buy your fireworks from a safe, reliable source(Not out of the back of someone's station wagon)
~ Use your fireworks outside in an open area away from the trees, homes, and dry grass.
~ Don't ever carry fireworks around in your pocket.
~ Store fireworks safely, away from extreme heat, any fire hazard, children, or any source of accidental ignition.
~ A water source should always be handy.
~ Light one firework at a time, then get away!
~ Do not ever throw fireworks at another person.
~ Trying to re-light a malfunctioning firework is dangerous and stupid, give it fifteen minutes, then dispose of it properly.
~ Do not ever try to make your own fireworks

(The Above Information was not generated or created by me. I give full credit to the other sources I used in my research for my site. Most of all credit goes to Larry Crump and his web page which I've provided a link for below. Without his web site I would not have known where to begin in safety pointers and tips.)

Thanks to the information provided from this quality web page.

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