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Planning on taking a trip out to go get some consumer fireworks for a great celebration? Don't know what to get? Well, if your like me, and you agree that a Phantom Fireworks Superstore is the best place to go for your consumer fireworks needs, then use this page to help you in your choice. I will be providing reviews and recommendations for the products I've purchased and used from Phantom Fireworks!

**All Products will be rated on a scale of 5 Bombs or () Five being the greatest of consumer firework products, and 1 being the worst performing pieces! New reviews appear on th top of the lists**

Reloadable Mortars and Shells

Probably my favorite thing to buy when I take a trip out for fireworks would be the re-loadable mortar and shell kits! Most of these come in packs of six or 12 shells with a tube to fire them out of. These bad boys remind me of the a smaller version of the real display fireworks.

The Grucci Collection New York Harbor Show: Though I'm not sure it's fair to call this the best consumer fireworks ever created, it still had great effects like all the other reloadable mortars I've bought from Phantoms. I experienced 1 dud out of the 24 shells, but I'm willing to forgive.

Typhoon .40MM Shell Kit: Another great reloadable from Phantoms! 24 different effects, all though for some reason a lot of mine seemed to be purple. 2 tubes to load them in.

Wolf Pack Double Star Bouble Break Shells: Phantom's Wolf Pack delivers again with 8 double break shells new in 2002! Great effects twice as exciting!

Black Cat 3rd Generation Double Break Shells: If I could give a mortar kit 6 bombs, this one would get it! 18 great double break shells for twice the crowd pleasing pyrotechnics! Each one brought an Oooo and an Ahhhh!

Mighty Might's Mortar Kit: This is the first of many new Phantom items that I have this year. I tried this because it looked small and harmless. Boy was I wrong. Don't let the size of this mini-mortar kit fool you. It still packed a big explosion. Six shots for a very low price compared to other mortar kits on the market. The only thing keeping it from a five is the fact that out of six shells, there are only 3 different effects, so you see the same one twice. Still a great value.

Festival Balls Six Shot Mortar Kit: A bit older, and less expensive mortar kit, yet very fun and impressive. Don't let the looks fool you, these still had a great burst of different colors. Also not as big as some of the other shells, a great choice for slightly smaller shows.

Artillery Shell Kit: Another slightly older and cheaper choice. These guys surprised me because they still had beautiful breaks. Also a good choice for a big part of a slightly smaller show.

Aerial Rampage Shell Kit: What a great kit to please the croud with professional looking bursts. Some of which are huge! 12 different effects that will leave your crowd on their feet the whole time! I did 24 shells out of this one this year and some of the effects that rocked were the red white and blue, Crackling Blue Bee's, and The Brocade was a huge gold willow!

Artillery Shell Kit BLACK CAT: Six great shots for 25 dollars at your nearest Phantom Fireworks retailer! These guys were very powerful and even when I taped the tube down to a wooden board with duct tape it still broke free and tipped over after every fire! I really loved these unique effects! Black Cat does it again!

Crackling Phantom Cannonball: Again, six shots that are great! They are huge explosions of white crackle with colored stars mixed in! Great performance. The only draw back with these ones are that all six shells seem basically the same. Still great piece for about 20 dollars!

Ninja Shell Kit: A very good mortar kit that had some very good bursts in it for my show this year! Only drawback is that out of the 6 shells, I think there were only 5 or 4 DIFFERENT effects! But the price is better then a lot of the other mortar kits! Check it out at Phantoms.

SkyFest Panorama Shell Kit: This one had 8 shells and 8 great effects! I loved the effect they called a whirlwind! It had a huge color burst with a giant white spinner in the center of it as it reached it's apex! Great original set!

Whistling Buster: These are similar to the Artillery Shell kit, only when these once burst out of the tube they whistle and whirl their way to their apex before exploding. I liked these!

Wolf Pack High Performance Shells: Six shots for 25 dollars! And they weren't kidding when they said High Performance! The effects in this one was amazing, and was almost as powerful as the Black Cats!

Wolf Pack Radical Recoil Shells: Imagine the High Performance Shells, but times 2, and twice as good! Thats what you get here with 12 great effects! I also had this for this fourth of July and every explosion brought tears to my eyes...

Aerial Repeaters and Cakes

Black Cat Three-Peater Finale: This piece was really unique and brilliantly performing. There are 18 shots total, 6 sets of 3 at a time, with each of the three angled to fill the entire sky. Assorted colors and big bursts capped off this great repeater.

Pyro-Propulsion: This had a really cool effect with propelled up comets and silver spinners. The only drawback was that what was a great effect at the beginning, was old by the 25th shot.

Americana Extravaganza: Another impressive performing item from Black Cat! I don't think I've ever had a black cat item that I wasn't happy with. The red white and blue theme was an added bonus, my only gripe is that the red white and blue pearls weren't as distinctly colored as I'd have liked going up.

Def Con Alert, 9 Shot: This is a really unique peice from Phantom Fireworks! The bursts may not go up and completely fill your sky, but I have never seen crossette bursts like this used in consumer fireworks! Think of something that shoots up, explodes and goes in 4 different directions forming a colorful X in the sky.

Shagadellic Mojo: Silly name, great performance! Colorful blue pearls, beautiful bursts and loud crackling tips! This one didn't let up through all 16 shots, YEAH BABY YEAH!

Rain of Fire: Another great 16-shot like Shagadelic Mojo, with nice palm trees and red rain (thus the title). Only thing seperating this from Shagadelic Mojo is that by the end shots I was ready for something other than another palm tree with red rain.

Fiery Frenzy 13-shot: Excellent display of brilliant bursts and golden rain. The use of assorted colored bursts instead of repeating the same color over and over helped make this stay interesting to the last explosion above my head.

The Warring States States: I am a fan of 'Brothers Fireworks' products ever since I got my hand on the Wild West repeater! This peice had the same quality, but it just didn't live up to the variation and innovation that Wild West had to offer. However if you want colorful mines with loud whistles and reports, this is for you!

Special Forces Assult: This baby was provided to me by B.J. Alan Company V.P. Bill Weimer and I personally would like to thank him for such an exciting Aerial Repeater! This was 19-shots of mayhem as parachutes were shot up into the air and then sparked and spun and whistled to the ground! Everyone went nuts over this new Phantom Fireworks product at my Fourth of July show.

Twitter Glitter: I just used this as half of the finale for a small show last night along side the Toot N' Twirl and it surprised me. Not a very big repeater, it actually starts as a rather normal fountain. Then just as the Toot N' Twirl ended several dozen roman candle style pearls shot up at once with a report and filled the sky. It surprised me and my spectators. A good addition to a small show.

61 Shot Bee Hive: I was not in love with this one, however the bee hive is still a very neat effect and a good edition to your show if you've got the money to add it.

61 Shot Whistle and Whirl: I liked this one because it reminded me of toot n' Twirl. This one also lasts a very long time which could be good or bad, depending on how you see things. A good item for your show none the less.

100 Shot Magical Barage: This did not seem like 100 shots to me at all and what it basically looked like was a bunch of roman candles shooting up 10 feet into the air. I did not like this one as much as I thought I would.

Air Defense: I personally loved this repeater! It's not the most expensive to buy from Phantoms, but that shouldn't fool you, there are 100 shots of giant white crackle that can make it up to 50 feet in the air! A great part to a finale for your own show!

Barbarian Blast: A lot of loud crackle! Not very big bursts though in this one! Still a great addition to your show!

Battlefield Barrage: I was expecting a lot more from this one. The Phantom description said crackling comets, loud report and huge color breaks! While it was okay, it didn't live up to that description. This definitely shouldn't be relied on for any sort of finale for your shows, perhaps a good opener to catch your crowds attention.

Blue Ringed Willows: I had previously based this review on a video that I had seen of this performing, and only gave it a 4 bomb rating. However, when I actually perchased the peice and fired it off myself I was able to see just how huge those blue tipped willows really were! They filled the sky! So I've changed my rating to 5 bombs, Phantom's done it again!

Chinese New Year: A nice little 7 shot repeater that gives for a great opener to your display. It certainly shouldn't be made into a finale, unless it's all you've got.

Fearless: This one is 8 shots. But don't let the number fool you, the small number of shots allows for each shot to be a lot larger! Great effects, and a good thing about it is that it will not begin to get boring halfway through! Awesome from start to finish

Emrald City: I loved this repeater! lots over Very big Green bursts! Great piece from Phantom Fireworks!

Garden In Spring: This is an interesting repeater because it starts out giving your crowd the illusion that it's only a fountain, but then turns into a small repeater with some really bright breaks.

Large Happy Planets: This is a really cheap repeater that looks more innocent then it really is. It has some great spinners and breaks in it that will always put a smile on your crowds faces.

Molotov Cocktail: What I previously said about this repeater was wrong! It was one half of my finale for my little show this year and it rocked! The end had swarming bee's out of a silver burst like you wouldn't believe! And the bursts were all huge for a repeater! 19 shots of greatness!

Phantasm: I just saw this one and it's a great repeater. This could be a great part to any finale in your consumer fireworks show. Alternating red and green pearls fly up and then burst open with one bright burst and one loud report. You won't believe it until you see it.

Pyro-Gliphics: I was very impressed with this new one from Phantom Fireworks. It had great effects in it. I noticed a lot of crackle, big bursts, and even some beehive effects. The colors were also wonderful.

Platinum Pyro Fusion: I really liked this piece. It had giant bursts of peony's, fish, and comets. The only thing missing, as an all silver repeater was color!

Pyro Pandemonium: Lots of loud whistles and great bursts in this one, along with some red in there makes this a fantasic addition to any finale for your shows!

Saturn Missile Battery 25 Shots: Man these ones give me a scare when I light em'. Make sure your crowd is the regulation length away from where your lighting because these missiles go all over the place! They are whistling report packed bottle rockets that only need one fuse light to send off all 25.

Saturn Battery 100 Shot: The 25 shot missile, but 4 times as exciting! Great edition to your show, and it will leave your crowd oooing and awing for over a minute as this one goes on and on in all directions.

Solar Explosion: This was the other half of my finale this year along with Molotov Cocktail and they worked great together! Solar Explosion has huge and colorful bursts that you would not expect from an Aerial Repeater!

Strato-Storm: Very impressive 25 shot! There were so many different effects in this one I couldn't keep track of them all for the one time I got to see it fired! Crackling, report, and color, OH MY!

Toot N Twirl: This one is crazy! It comes in 19 shots, and in some assortments as a 7 shot. Multi colored pearls shoot high and then whip around. Very crazy and loud.

Firing Squad: To say I was dissapointed with this peice would be an understatement. I was expecting much more from the description that Phantom gave it, because all though it looked a little older then the others, it sounded like an "Oldie but Goodie" so to speak. What I thought would be a very loud flashing peice similar to those used in the big shows on scaled down for consumer purchase, turned out to actually be 25 shots of green pearls lazily flying into the air, and popping with a report no louder then any other peice on the market. A let down, that had nothing any other repeater couldn't offer.

Wild West: Now here was a repeater I will probably be getting again and again each Fourth of July. I really had my small crowd going the whole way through this as 5 shots of 5 different and unique effects shoot off one after another, five shots at a time. I loved this repeater almost more than a firework should be loved.

Battle of Khe Sanh: This was a great addition to my show in keeping the crowd going. This repeater had a ton of different effects, all though it lacked a little bit of color. Still an excellent peice.

Other Fireworks

#300 Park Avenue Peony Barrage: This burst was extremely powerful and high in the sky. Not only was it beautiful but it was loud with booming firecrackers.

#200 Emire Gold Willow Barrage: This, like the other Grucci tubes, was very impressive and big. However, I'm not really a huge fan of the consumer firework willow effect. It never seems to be as 'weeping' as the willows are in class B shows. Still an excellent tube.

#300 Broadway Brocade: Another powerful and exciting tube. This one starts out silver and changes over to brilliant green. Impressive!

#200 Time Square Silver-Green Wave: I stil really enjoyed this tube, however, only being able to see it once, I really couldnt distiquish much of a difference between it ant the Broadway Brocade Silver-Green.

America Confetti Cannon: Far better then the small standard bottel shaped party poppers, these safely shoot out red white and blue streamers and confetti. A vast improvement, these still have the problem of hefty clean up.
All the product pictures on this page are copyrighted by Phantom Fireworks at Thanks to and Phantom Fireworks for the pictures and products!

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