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The Fireworks Quiz!

Think you know all there is to know about Phantom and Consumer Fireworks?! Take the quiz and see how good you really are.
Read through all the questions and write down what you think the correct answer is on a piece of paper, then when you've done all the questions, head over to the answers page and give yourself a point for each right answer you got!!
1)When a firework peice fails to light it is most commonly called a

2)Fountians are legal in which state?
D)None of the Above

3)Which of the following was voted best Fountian in 1999?
A)Apache Firedance
B)Golden Gate Spectacular
C)Shock Wave Fountian
D)Sting of the Scorpion

4)Which Phantom Fireworks assortment has the biggest value?
A)Phantomania Assortment
B)Thunderfest Finale Assortment
C)Jumbo Phantom Assortment
D)Uncle Sam Assortment

5)Which Aerial Repeater is an All Noise Repeater?
A)Reporting Red
B)Machine Gun Shell
C)War Birds
D)Firing Squad

6)The noise made from a firework bursting open is called
C)Back fire
D)The Bang

7)Which of the following is owned by Phantom Fireworks?
A)Cherry Bomb
B)Black Cat
C)Thunder Bomb
D)Wolf Pack

8)The biggest and most expensive Wolf Pack firecracker strip available to buy contains how many individual firecrackers?

9)Which of the following is illegal in all states?
C)200 shot repeaters
D)Willow effects with report

10)Which of the following Aerial Tube has more then one burst?
A)Doomsday Shell
B)Giant Blue Typhoon
C)Blue Wave Shell
D)#200 Golden Spider

11)Which Aerial repeater is new to Phantom 2001?
A)Blue Ringed Willows
B)High Torque
C)Swarming Skeeters
D)Rain of Fire

12)Which effect is a Chrysamthemum burst with-out the spoked effect?
A)Fish Effect
B)Palm Tree Effect
C)Peony Effect
D)Beehive Effect

13)Who created "The Warring States" Repeater? A)Black Cat
B)Wolf Pack
C)Thunder Bomb
D)Brothers Premium Collection

14)Which of these is not a Fountian?
A)California Condor
B)Royal Flush
C)Electrical Shock Fountian
D)Exploding Moon Fountian

15)Which Aerial Repeater is 100 Shots of white crackle that shoots up to 50 feet in the air?
A)Air Defense
B)Midnight Monsoon
C)Garden In Spring
D)Mighty Cobra

16)What is the most expensive peice in Phantom Fireworks Grand Finale Assortment?
A)Toot N Twirl
B)BattleField Barrage
C)61 Shot Beehive
D)100 Shot Saturn Battery

17)What place is considered the Firework Capital of The US?
A)New Castle PA
B)Detriot MI
C)Columbiana OH
D)Clear Water FL

18)When the stars of a Chrysanthemum burst burn longer and glow on their way to the ground, what effect is created?
A)Palm Tree Effect
B)Peony Effect
C)Willow Effect
D)Glitter Effect

19)Fireworks not sold to the general public are called
A)Class D Fireworks
B)Illegal Fireworks
C)Class B Fireworks
D)The Big Boom Fireworks

20)To get a Pyrotechnician's licsence you probably must
A)Beg your state Government
B)Know someone in the business
C)Pass a users test
D)Prove to someone you are good at lighting fireworks