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I'm Mike Speca, web master of Consumer Fireworks Central. At 17 years old I am not legally able to shoot off Consumer Fireworks, without an adult present. But I enjoy firing off my consumer fireworks with my family, under the supervision of my dad, at my cottage!

I am learning a lot about the business of pyrotechnics, and consumer fireworks, and as my knowledge grows so shall this site!

I live in Pittsburgh PA, very close to the Fireworks Capital of the United Sates and maybe even the world, New Castle PA! Which is home of Zambelli Fireworks Internationale! Which I find very Ironic that PA is the central part of American Fireworks, yet consumer fireworks are illegal to buy or fire by PA residents in the state of PA!

But until I am able to some how change that unfair law, I am forced to purchase and shoot my fireworks in other states that allow you to do so.

With out the help of the two sites below I could not have completed this site! Thanks to Larry Crump for his pictures and some information, and Phantom Fireworks for their quality products!!

Thanks to

Phantom Fireworks
Larry Crump's Fireworks Pages
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