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Last Updated 4/12/03


Attention Firework retailers and fanatics! I need your help! I am looking for more great consumer firework retailers who have stores located in Eastern Ohio that are a short driving distance away from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I am looking for the best deals on consumer fireworks. Any information e-mailed to me would be greatly appreciated, and any company web-sites will have their links added to this site. Thank you!

At long last all my reviews for the new products I had for my 2002 July 4th show are up! Including all the great New for 2002 Phantom items provided to me by Vice President of the B.J. Alan Company, Mr. Bill Weimer. (Such as 4 of the Grucci Collection tubes). Enjoy the reviews and start planning what you're gonna need for this 4th of July! I know I am!

Also added a new link to another great Firework retailer's web site. Check that out on the links page.


Welcome to Consumer Firework Central! This is your source for information on Class C. Fireworks. If you are looking for information on Display Fireworks, otherwise known as Class B. Fireworks, or the ones put on by companies at the big shows this is not the place for you, as I am not a certified Pyrotechnician. But if your looking for all sorts of information on putting on your own great Fireworks show, here is the place for you.

I am very familiar with products sold Nation Wide at Phantom Fireworks Superstore locations, as well as many other products sold by other fine consumer fireworks retailers. I've discovered that Phantom Fireworks is a great place for all your consumer fireworks needs (especially during the By 1 Get 1 Free deal season). I can provide Information on safety, state regulations on consumer fireworks, how to set up your own fireworks displays, what items to choose on your trip to a Firework store, and general information about Fireworks.

If you are familiar with your Phantom Fireworks, and other general consumer firework information, check out my Consumer Firework Central Quiz!

Thanks to the many other sites on the web who've helped me in my research for the information on this site. Most of all the most helpful source for my site is "Larry Crump's Fireworks Pages".

On June 30th Larry Crump died suddenly. A great fireworks lover, and an even greater guy all around, my heart and prayers go out to his family and friends. With out Larry's help my web site would not have been possible. Consumer Fireworks Central is now dedicated to his memory.
Certain photos and information on this web site are copyrighted by Larry C. Crump, used with permission.

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