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Dr. Mark Mraz, BS, MA Indiana University of Pennsylvania; PhD Pennsylvania State University Mon.(6:00-8:45)


HIST 0106 United States History to 1865

This course covers all aspects of American History which enrich our heritage from the past. Beginning with the Age of Discovery, the course of study includes America's domestic and foreign posture from the founding of the Republic to the end of the Civil War.

Required Texts:(can be purchased at Elk Country Education Council Office on the 2nd floor of the Marinstadt Building above St. Marys Book Center)

Note: try not to miss class, every class you miss is like missing a week of regular class. Historically, students who attend all classes get better grades

Tinsdall and Shi, America: A Narrative History. Vol I. 5th Edition(New York: W.W.Norton and Company, 1999)ISBN 0393973336

Shi and Mayer, For the Record: A Documentary History of America. Vol. I (New York: W.W. Norton and Company, 1999)ISBN 0393973433

Shaara, Gods and Generals (New York: Ballentine Books, 1996) ISBN 0345422473

Evaluation Policy:

1. Three(3) exams

2. Class discussion and attendance

3. Book Critique on Shaara Book

4. Two (2)Quizzes

Grading Expectations:

1. Exam I 20% of grade

2. Exam II 20% of grade

3. Exam III 20% of grade

4. Class discussion 10% of grade

5. Book Critique 10%

6. Quiz I 10% of grade

7. Quiz II 10% of grade

Dates Topics Assignments(Text& Readings)

08/28 Intro,Clash of Cultures Ch. 1

09/11 The Colonial World Ch. 2,3

09/18 From Empire to Independence Ch. 4,5 QUIZ I (on Ch 4,5)

09/25 American Revolution Ch. 6

10/02 EXAM I\Discussion of Readings 1-6

10/09 Forging a Nation/The Federal Period Ch. 7,8

10/16 Jeffersonian Democracy Ch. 9

10/23 Emergence of Sectionalism Ch. 10 QUIZ II (on Ch.10)

10/30 The Age of Jackson Ch. 11

11/06 EXAM II\Discussion of Readings 7-11

11/13 Growth/Expansion&Slavery Ch. 12,13,14

11/20 An Era of Economic Change Ch. 15 Shaara Discussion

11/27 The Coming of the Civil War Ch. 16 Shaara Discussion

12/04 The War to Save the Union Ch. 17

12/11 EXAM III\Readings 12-17 Discussion CRITIQUE DUE