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Civil War Trivia Test Name____________________


________ 1. On May 22, 1856, vengeful "Bully" Brooks strode into the U.S. Senate and broke his cane over Charles Sumnerís head.

________ 2. South Carolina was the first state to seceed from the Union.

________ 3. A "Quaker Gun" was a derisive log painted black to fool the Union Army into thinking they were cannon.

________ 4. Robert E. Lee gained command of the Army of the Potomac after the Seven Days Battles.

________ 5. A Jacktar was a sailor in the Civil War.

________ 6. Horace L. Hunley is associated with a submarine prototype.

________ 7. The Battle of the Ironclads was between the Monitor and the Merrimac.

________ 8. Dunker Church can be found at Gettysburg.

________ 9. A.P. Hill and George B. McCellan are both Union generals.

_______ 10. Ambrose E. Burnside led the Army of the Potomac to victory at the Battle of Fredericksburg.

_______ 11. Fighting Joe Hooker once said: "May God have mercy on General Lee, for I will have none."

_______ 12. The fishhook defense is associated with the Battle of Gettysburg.

_______ 13. William T. Sherman retreated to the sea.

_______ 14. King Cotton was the biggest and most important slave-holding plantation owner in the South.

_______ 15. Martin R. Delany was the first Black officier in the Confederate Army.

_______ 16. The Emacipation Proclamation freed all the slaves.

_______ 17. U.S. Grant was known as "Sam" to his friends and "Unconditional Surrender" to the general public in the North.

_______ 18. Grantís men made a successful charge at Cold Harbor.

_______ 19. Horace Greeley was a famous general in the Union Army.

_______ 20. Andersonville was a major victory for the Confederate Army under Bragg.

_______ 21. William Quantrill was Grantís second in command.

_______22. Grant surrendered to Lee at Appomattox.

_______23. Wilber McClean could say that: "the civil war started on my front porch and ended in my palor."

_______24. Jefferson Davis was the first and only president of the Confederacy.

_______25. John Wilkes Booth killed Jefferson Davis.